Thursday, October 12, 2006

Standing shoulder to shoulder with Dr Russell Reid.




Dr. Russell Reid, who had long been a world renowned psychiatrist for transsexual people, experienced a several week trial by the General Medical Council during October 2006.

The message from the wider trans trans community was simple and there for all to see. In the eyes of many countless patients, he still holds the title as a world renowned psychiatrist whose warmth and compassion for real patient centred care of his patients, cannot be brow beaten by the clear jealous intent of professionals who have no other power than to simply follow the leader of the pack.

The Message is clear! Thanks for saving lives, Dr Reid..!!

Regardless of the GMC findings, the testimonies of hundreds, if not thousands of happy and satisfied transsexual people treated by Dr Reid is no feat to be beaten when compared to the testimonies of 5 unhappy people and Charing Cross Psychiatrists.

What if this were an orbituary..!!

There could only be one truly respected professional. The words of support say it all.

There are few places for the trans community and their allies to leave their messages of support and respect to Dr Russell Reid, and, there's never been more of a need for a place on the web for the GMC panel and Reid's opponents to see the evidence that he has saved the lives of many trans people, treated them with respect and left them with the dignity they deserve.

Having experienced his treatment, many trans people know all too well his methods to be humane, responsible and the best care possible.

What does 'Uncle' Russell say?

Dr. Reid says that he "will read messages whether good or bad", and adds that he "may not be able to respond, and if he "knows where to reply, such as via email," then he will! He also said that he was "grateful for the support given."

He says that all these messages has restored his faith in humanity. He keeps a folder of all comments posted, and from time to time, he reads them and this raises his spirits. The messages and positive feedback have meant so much.


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Lena (Lindie) Smith said...

I for one are one of your many satisfied patients. You provided me with the confidence I needed at a difficult and gave me the chance to progress in my life.

Lena (Lindie) Smith (Crewe, Cheshire).

Anonymous said...

Of all the professionals who work in the profession, it is a disgraceful injustice that it is the person who genuinely cares the most, should be the target of such an action.

The thoughts of many people are with you, and nothing that other people can say or do, can take away what you have done for other people, and their gratefulness for what you have done for them.

I, personally, know of no other professional in this field who is as genuinely caring as you.

Best wishes,

Michelle Knight

Anonymous said...

I'd like to be one of the first to wish Dr Reid all the luck in the world, Im just recovering from SRS with Mr Thomas in Brighton, and was so pleased that Dr Reid visited to see how I was. Thats the kind of man Dr Reid is, even after retiring he still makes the effort to visit a past patient in hospital I doubt other Dr's would make such efforts.

Dr Reid was there to listen and support me throughout my entire transition, he always treated me with dignity and respect and his big heart, warm smile and willingness to listen is the reason he has the nickname of Uncle Russell within the TS community.

I only hope that future generations find a practitioner who cares as much as Dr Reid, I feel privaliged that i had the chance to be under Dr Reid's care.

I will always keep a place in my thoughts for Dr Reid the man who saved my life and allowed me to to whole.

Thankyou Dr Reid best wishes for the future, your missed by many.

Claire Avis

Jacqueline McConnell said...

I thank you for all the support and help you have given me during my time as your patient.With you I didn`t feel treated as a freak but as a human being.
It`s a shame that other doctors in this field of medicine aren`t as caring,supportive and understanding as you are.
I hope all goes well in your fight against this injustice .No matter what the GMC may say in the end to me you will always a very caring professional .
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for you have done for me.

Melanie Jones said...

Russell, you always treated me with sympathy, dignity and respect. When I had problems during transition you were always there to help and when I had my GRS you came to see me at considerable expense of time and effort. I shall never forget that.

I am saddened to see the GMC attack a truly caring doctor who put his patients first and worked tirelessly for us girls.

Whatever happens at the hearing with the GMC you will be long remembered as a mentor and as a friend to me and many hundreds of others.

My thoughts and prayers are with you in a trying time.

Anonymous said...

YOU ARE.... THE MAN...!!!!

If you win, you are undisputably the best and if you lose. you are still ndisputably the best but have shown just how callous and jealous those CX guys are and they ought to hang their heads in shame that they didn't learn from reflecting on the outcomes of their practice..!!

What's unjust Russell is that there is evidence I took hormones for 18 months before I changed role, and YOU enabled me to take my time in order to make a good transition. You saved my life, you are a one in a kind psychiatrist and deserve the respect of every trans person in the land.

I, like countless many others, owe you so much, and thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for making our lives worth living...!!

Krystyna Haywood

Karine Williams said...

... I come from a different perspective, than those of a satisfied patient.

It was two years ago that a post-op TS friend convinced me to contact Dr Reid. Still at university, I decided to wait.

Extremely stable, confident in who I am, with a Masters from one of the best universities in the world, I have had nothing but humiliating, dehumanising and ill mannered treatment in what I can only hope is a effort to either 'cure' or deter my feelings from who I am.

Dr Reid is clearly missed, and appreciated, by those whom he has treated. However, he will be very much more missed by those he has not.

I speak from sad experience.

Dr Reid, I have heard nothing but good (I'm am sure there are always exceptions)about your work, but also, more importantly, your approach; an approach that should, at the very least, be put into perspective by those who wish to judge you, against the alternatives.

As mentioned, as a well qualified, balanced individual, I can only wish you all the best... you have left a fantistic legacey which many would be envious.

Take care and best wishes.

Karine Williams

Anonymous said...

Dr. Reid has Given Many of the members of My Group Transgender Outreach Hope in the pursuit of Thier dream to become women. He helped my Friend Tina Phillips(now Post Op)and many others. My Hat is off to you Dr. Reid, just wish there were more like You in this Crazy world we live in. Miss Michele Renee Finn, Creator, Co-Owner Transgender Outreach. (A worldwide Transgender Support group)

Anonymous said...

Many Thanks to You Dr. Reid for helping so many of my Sisters to Finally Realize the dream that was in thier minds for most of thier Lives. My Dear Sister Tina Phillips was one of those successes, I was beside her all the way through to her SRS in January of 2006. She is now a happy Female member of British Society. My Group, Trandgender Outreach Supports you with all its 1000 plus Members. Outreach is a Worldwide Transgender Support Group. Thank You Dear Sir. The world could use many more just like you. Sincerely Michele Renee Finn, Creator, Co Owner Transgender Outreach

Anonymous said...

I'm quite shocked that someone can go in off the street and recieve hormones after just a single hours visit. This happened to me and several others I know. Perhaps the GMC attack isn't justified especially with the way that the NHS GIC community view Russel but what I would like to see is a more purposeful Standards of Care that all NHS and PRIVATE GIC's HAVE to follow which shoud include at least a couple of visits with a small RLT time before any life changing treatment. That way RR or his successor Dr Curtis wouldn't have to go through circus attacks like this in the future.

Michelle Dibble said...

Dear Russell
You were there to give me support when I most needed it and if there is any sort of justice, the case against you will be thrown out and your accusers charged for wasting time and libelous actions.

It concerns me that because of this grossly unjust action, the private sector will be bought down to the poor standards of the NHS.

I wish for you the very best

Michelle Dibble 2004/6.

Tara Ward said...

Dear Dr Reid,

Please stay strong in the face of what I can only describe as a witch hunt. Your supportive and humane treatment has enabled me to become the person that I should have been. I now have a life again with a long-term partner and a job that may well lead to a decent career.

Without you I don't feel that this 'completeness' would have been possible for me to achieve. It may not be an exaggeration to say that "you saved my life"!

You provided me with the means to become the 'real' me, the tools to recreate myself. Not only that, you advised me of the difficulties that I would face along the way and explained the options available to me as I progressed. At all times I had control over my destiny and I deplore those who are now seeking to blame you for what they now perceive to be a mistake. These people clearly do not understand the term 'personal responsibility'.

I am forever indebted to you for my treatment, as are many, many others. All I can say now is that my very best wishes are with you and regardless of the outcome, you can be very proud of how many people's lives you have dramatically improved. Rest assured we will not forget this.

Sincerely Tara

Anonymous said...

Hiya Dr Reid... may I dare to call you Russel for one moment?

Russel this is Maria Keegan here and I'm now 6 months post op, but more importantly I'm happy and healthy. I'm proud that you helped in that process... thank you so much.

I do not want to comment further except to say if any journalists are genuinely interested then I will spill the beans on this...

I haven't made a mistake, you're wrong, I'm right and so was Dr Reid!

Love Maria x

Anonymous said...

Uncle Russell, ;-)

Thank you for caring abour your patients. You helped me immensely.

Judith Rastall said...

Russel, I was fortunate to find you when I most needed help having been messed about by the uncaring gender clinic of my local NHS provider. You listened, you did not expect me to trot out the standard symptoms, you treated me with respect, you gave me the keys to my new life as a whole person. I'm now post-op and a better life beckons, I feel just simply right within myslef for the first time that I can remember. All my love and best wishes, Judith Rastall

Mish said...

Hi Russell,

I'll put it here for the record.

I was lucky to be your patient, and happy to be so, but events took their turn and the PCT rules meant I had to go you-know-where. However, I have been priveleged to also know you in an academic capacity, and dare I say come to see you as friend over the years. It is those who will not be able to benefit from your care that who have lost the most I fear.

Yours is not a unique situation. You only have to look at Magnus Hirschfeld's treatment by some of his colleagues in his day to see how prejudiced those responsible for our care can sometimes be.

I wish you good fortune at this time, and a good retirement. Have a cold bottle of Orvietto next time you are in the sun, and take a glass for me.


Donna Gee said...

I'd like to wish Russell well - and thank him for the help he gave me during the early part of my transition. I never felt I needed psychiatric help, but I did need an expert to prescribe the correct hormones. Had Russell not been around, I really don't know what I would have done since I had no intention of waiting months, years or an entire lifetime to be helped by the NHS. My GP was, and still is, unable to grasp what transsexuality is all about - but he readily accepted the gospel according to Dr Reid.
I have never needed to go back to Russell, but without him I would either still be waiting for hormones - or have been prescribed completely the wrong ones by my GP.
They say that all's well that ends well. Well, I've been a woman for more than three years and am totally integrated and accepted by friends and family alike. I hope and pray that it will all end well for you too, Russell.
Best wishes
Donna Gee x

Carol Robson said...

Dear Dr Reid
Although I was treated by another Gender Identity Specialist, I know of many people who wouldn't be where they are today if it wasn't for your understanding and care. The charges against you are borne out of maliciousness. All the best for the future.
Carol Robson FRSA

Beverley Grover said...

Hello Russel,

Just a quick note to say I, and I am sure many others are thinking of you at this time.

I am very gratefull that I was fortunate enough to have met you. You enabled me to move on.....and I have never looked back :-)

God bless,

Beverley Grover

Anne Goodwin said...

Dear Dr Reid
You may not remember me but I saw you when you were practicing at Charing X back in 1987. It was at that first meeting with you that changed the course of my life and I am now a very happy woman because of it. Charing X went downhill after you left and I was literally de- humanised by the so called doctors there after that.
I stand by you Dr Reid and I hope for a not guilty verdict outcome as well it should be.
Thank you for putting me on the right road to inner happiness, even though I only saw you a few times.
Good Luck
Anne Goodwin (

Jan Heiland said...


When I transitioned 15 years ago, you were the only, and I mean the only one of the many people that I saw in your profession who treated me with respect, treated me as a human being, and spoke to me with honest candour.

It was you alone who made possible my ascension from a dark, worthless and very suicidal position to my current life as an executive manager, a respected natural historian, a valued friend to many people and a loving partner to somebody very special.

I am aware that the quality of your work extends far beyond my own story, and assure you most warmly that you have done a great deal in your life, not only to make the world a better place, but also to enable so many of us to continue living within it.

Throughout all, you have retained your quiet dignity as one of life's natural gentlemen. The respect in which so many people hold you is well deserved, and will always stand to demark you as more worthy than those lesser people who so idly accuse.

My most sincere gratitude for the help that you gave and my humble respects are both given most willingly.

With my very warmest regards

Jan Heiland, North Wales

Lisa said...

Thank you Russell for giving me a life worth living. I wish you the best in your fight against the character assassination from much lesser so-called healers.

Anonymous said...

As a transgendered person these actions bewilder me.All good techers in school know that some students advance faster than others.Not to take this into account in the medical community is absured.I hate to see what medical treatment with doctors that don't understand the basics.Rachel Lee Adams

Diana said...

A decision in 1998 that changed the direstion of my life but it wasn't until March 2001 that I asked to be referred to Dr Reed, it was a decision I never regreted, though many including myself have criticised Dr Reed over these past 5 years I have never doubted his ability in the field of psychiatry, all of us who have suffered from gender idendity disorder know witout his support we would not be who we are today.

Dr Reed decision to retire was and is a sad loss to the trans community but I wish him well, may he live long and prosper.

As for the GMC they need to look at themselves and ask "Who really should be on trial here", I for one know it should not be DR Reed. Sure mistakes can be made that's what being human is all about none of us are perfect we all make the odd mistake. In all walks of life people die because of mistakes, as humans we all make them. The GMC need to realise this and remove the charges against Dr Reed

Good luck Dr Reed a critic I may be but a staunch supporter I will remain. Heres hoping good luck in your fight for justice.

Diana Day, Bridgwater, Somerset

Diana said...

A decision in 1998 that changed the direstion of my life but it wasn't until March 2001 that I asked to be referred to Dr Reed, it was a decision I never regreted, though many including myself have criticised Dr Reed over these past 5 years I have never doubted his ability in the field of psychiatry, all of us who have suffered from gender idendity disorder know witout his support we would not be who we are today.

Dr Reed decision to retire was and is a sad loss to the trans community but I wish him well, may he live long and prosper.

As for the GMC they need to look at themselves and ask "Who really should be on trial here", I for one know it should not be DR Reed. Sure mistakes can be made that's what being human is all about none of us are perfect we all make the odd mistake. In all walks of life people die because of mistakes, as humans we all make them. The GMC need to realise this and remove the charges against Dr Reed

Good luck Dr Reed a critic I may be but a staunch supporter I will remain. Heres hoping good luck in your fight for justice.

Diana Day, Bridgwater, Somerset

Anonymous said...

I saw Dr Reid almost 7 years ago and he was the first (and only) person in the medical proffesion that treated me as a person and sought to find out about me.

I feel thoroughly disappointed that any action has been brought against him.

I for one am glad of his help.

Natalie said...

I was never fortunate enough to meet Dr. Reid. However I have seen just what his care has meant to a great many TS people, many of them my friends and some who would genuinely not be here today if it was not for his care.

I am sad to see this enquiry brought against the man who I regard as having done more for TS people in the UK than any other individual.

I trust the enquiry will see Dr. Reid exonerated, but should it not it will be a very sad day, not just for Dr. Reid, but for the whole TS community.

Natalie Graham.

Anonymous said...

I have unfortunately never met Dr.Reid,on my meagre income I simply cannot afford private treatment and am therefore forced to go the CHX route. I cannot enter into any details here just to say I rue the day Russell left there (or was he forced out?).
The purpose of the GMC hearing though is not to determine how much he is adored by past patients or even how compassionate he is.It's all about the accusation of malpractice toward a tiny handfull of dissatisfied patients.These patients now claim that they were coaxed into GRS only to find later that it was wrong for them and they also claim that Dr.Reid,as a gender psychiatrist should have foreseen this. Now we all know that transition is a very long road and there are so many exit junctions along the way so I personally fail to see how these patients can blame anyone other than themselves. They were the ones that went to a specialist to seek help in transitioning and they also had plenty of opt out clauses. We also know how a patient can be so filled with self-diagnosis that they can not only convince the doctors but also themselves about their believed transsexuality.It's not that difficult to be taken in by a string of lies, I imagine CHX have been many times too in the past and will be again.
Dr.Reid has also been accused of failing to adhere to the Harry Benjaman Guidelines in the treatment of his patients.But surely aren't these only guidelines and not the golden rules that CHX would claim? Guidelines are in place because people are individual and should be treated as individuals and not like the CHX cattle market.From the praise I have heard from many ex patients of Dr.Reid he treated everyone with the respect,compassion and dignity they deserve and the sooner CHX and their cronies learn to do the same the better it would be for us all.
The problem is the GMC only need to find in favour of one of the accusers and Dr.Reid will be discredited,much to the delight of CHX I imagine, however I cannot believe for one minute that the GMC will agree that pateints had their own minds made up for them against their will.
I wish you all the very best Dr.Reid.Even though I do not know you personally I feel I do know you through the love I feel from others.
Judy Beth Miller
TransLiving International

Anonymous said...

Hello Russel from Petra Henderson Germany, (a British TS-Woman)

I have not had any dealings with you, but did have the misfortune to be involved with someone who I can only call an NHS funded anti-TS "Psychoterrorist" on the Isle of Wight, back in 1980, who tried to convince me I was a Transvestite.

Years later I discovered that I was not only a Transsexual, but also Intersexed with both Ovaries and a few other internal bits that helped underpin my own beliefs from three years of age onwards that I was definitely female...

Several suicide attempts and Many unnecessary years wasted while being misled by people who did not either understand me or transsexualisum, or did but wanted a different outcome than my actually finding myself, freedom and contentment that came with both the social-role transition and the SRS.

So as you can see we need not only you, but another hundred like you.

God Bless you Dr Reid for helping the Meek inherit the Earth and find peace and happiness.

Best Regards


Denise Anderson said...

Hiya Russell, Denise here :)

Coming up 7 months post op and still smiling from ear to ear, you helped me along my continung journey and made me feel so at ease... Both Myself and Mike want you to know we are rooting for you all the way, take a look up in the public area when we can get in and hopefully you will see me and others there to support you for being you, someone that cares very much for his patients...

hey and remember you've got a invite to our wedding :)

All The Best


Anonymous said...

I am one of the people who was treated at both CHX and with Uncle Russell, and I amd one of those people that CHX "broke the rules" with. Yes, the same things they accuse you of, they did to me. I was prescribed hormones on a second appointment, despite being a long way from transition at that time. By their rules they could not evaluate me in such a short time.

Go get 'em Russell and kick 'em where it hurts.

Jayne Susannah Allen said...

Dr Reid Youre a wonderful guy you saved my life and the lives of many of my friends, what youre going through is such an injustice. You were there to give me support with the injustice i had gone through for somany years. Its the least i can do to support you in your hour of need if i could stand infront those that are judging you and tell them what you have done for me i would not back away.
Youve saved the lives of so many your a Saint
Thank you so much
My thoughts are with you
Love and a Great Big Hug

Jayne Susannah Allen ,Cornholme West Yorkshire

Jenny Westwood said...

Is anyone from the GMC panel likely to be reading this?..
I do Hope so..

Interestingly enough, today is the 16th of October 2006 which is the 13th Anniversary of when I had my genital surgery done by Mr. Royle and Mr. Porter.. on the 16th of October 1993.

Since that date my Life has progressed very well and I am eternally grateful for the skillful work of Mr. Royle and Mr. Porter and of course to Dr. Russell Reid who enabled me to reach their door in the first place..
It was the culmination of a needlessly long journey.

As far as I can tell, this GMC hearing is partly about when is a pertinent point to start issuing hormone treatment to someone who presents with gender difficulties?

Well, I first approached my G.P. with my ’difficulties’ in November 1983 and, after seeing another G.P and then a local Psychiatrist, I finally arrived at the Gender Identity Clinic at the Maudsley Hospital in September 1984.
By then I was aged 22, if you’re interested.

Now then.. They’re strategy was to most definitely not prescribe hormone treatment until someone had been living and working in their expected gender for at least three months.

Well.. Through no fault of my own at the tender age of 22 I had developed a severe facial hair problem which wasn’t going to go away by itself.

I found out about electrolysis, not with their help I might add, and promptly started treatment (costing a third of my weekly wage).
Without the help of hormones the electrolysis was simply fighting a losing battle.

So.. according to the Maudsley Hospital I ought to just get on with it and face the world with dirty great black hairs growing out of my face, because if I didn’t I would never be granted even a sniff of a hormone tablet.

So that was where I hit the Catch 22..

Until the facial hair was gone I couldn’t ‘transition’ = The facial hair couldn’t be got rid of without the aid of hormone treatment = Hormone treament would not be granted until I’d already ‘transitioned’..

Bless ‘em, they did offer me a place on their curious scheme to be an in-patient ‘for a week or two’ to ‘rid me of my abnormal feelings’ but I respectfully declined.

I carried on with the electrolysis.. hundreds of hours (and yes it hurts), getting nowhere fast.
I was still getting nowhere fast six years.. count ’em.. six years later.

By then it was 1990, I was 28, and frankly my Life was hanging by a thread. I presented myself to Russell Reid and told him all about how my Life had been going up to then and to my amazement he seemed to understand straight away all the things I was saying.

It’s fair to say that if he had knocked me back in the way that the Maudsley Hospital had done, in terms of denying hormone treatment, then it would have been the last straw.
He helped me, immediately, and he did the right thing.

From that point on I came on in leaps and bounds.. Just knowing that things weren’t going to get any worse made all the difference.
The electrolysis was completed and 23 months.. (yes, that is very important to note).. 23 months after starting hormone treatment I finally felt physically able to face the world and be myself for the first time ever.

Since then I have been a Happy and Productive member of society and haven’t needed to bother the NHS other than for run of the mill ailments and some dental work.

There are two lasting legacies from my experiences of being someone who has had to go through the ‘transexual experience’..
One comes as a result of the years I spent under the so-called ‘care’ of the Maudsley Hospital.. and that is a lingering sense of bitterness and anger that they ‘could‘ have helped me but they refused to. How does that fit in with the Hippocratic Oath, let alone the Harry Benjamin thing?

My twenties, which should have been my prime years, ended up being a disaster. My Life couldn’t move on just for the sake of a few tablets..
Anything could have happened.. I could have slipped into terminal depression.. my hair could have fallen out.. anything.. and they would have smugly sat by and watch it happen.
I’m sorry but I find it difficult to forgive anyone who could neglect someone in such obvious need.

The other thing is that I feel a never-ending gratitude to Russell Reid for understanding me and helping me out when it seemed as though the previous doctors I had seen regarding my gender difficulties (there were twelve, I’ve got a list of names) couldn’t care less whether I lived or died.

From my point of view, to see Russell Reid being put in the dock is an utter disgrace and totally beggars belief.
I owe my Life to him, and I know that I’m not the only one.

If you read this Russell, please know that I am with you all the way..

Very Best Wishes,
Jenny Westwood.

transfofa said...

I am a transsexual woman (MtoF) from Portugal. I don't know you personally, but if so many of us like you, that's good enough for me to give my support. After all who better than us to know who really helps us?

Penny Blake said...

Russell, I saw you for about 2 years, unfortunately due to financial reasons I could no longer see you. I went to Charing Cross and in 6 months they have managed to destroy all your hard work. It upsets me deeply to know that these are the sort of people that are "out to get you". In my opinion there is only one good professional and he is the one on trial.

Penny Blake said...

Russell, I saw you for about 2 years from 2002, unfortunately due to financial reasons I could no longer see you. However, I did make 6 months progress every 3 months. I went to Charing Cross and in 12 months they have managed to destroy all your hard work, making false promises. You were honest and caring. You told it like it was and gave a true an honest opinion. If I had my way a law would be passed to get you back.
It upsets me deeply to know that these are people out there that seem to want to get rid of you. In my opinion there is only one good professional and he is the one on trial.

ericajoan said...

Just another way of looking at it all
if you have a cardiac by pass then your told that 3 out of a hundred will not make it of the table and another 10 percent will have Major Problem but who shoots the surgen for the dead and the problems
but if your t/g there is so mutch phobia he has to be Perfect ??
tell them to get real
Erica Roberts 374 fullham rd townsville

Abby said...

Dr. Reid,

I live in the U.S. but have read about you in many places. I have also chatted with several of your patients. I have never met you and probably will never have that opportunity. But I do know that everything I have ever heard about you speaks of your compassion for those that you treat. And it is not a compassion that comes from a place of feeling sorry for those, like me, who are simply trying to be happy that, in turn, leads to a desire to give us what we ask for without question. Instead, it is a compassion that comes from a place of respect for your fellow human beings that leads to a desire to do what is best, what is most loving, for us, whether it is what we ask for or not.

I also know that when one person attacks another, it always comes from a place of fear. One has to wonder what it is that the people at Charing Cross fear if you are allowed to continue to practice medicine. Is it the loss of respect for their own methods? Is it the loss of their ability to control access to the resources necesary for us to lead happy and productive lives? Do they fear that their own methods may be questioned if someone who demonstrates compassion and flexibility is allowed to show to others that there is a better - a more humane - way of treating us?

We cannot change how your critics feel or what they think about you. What we CAN do, though, is to refrain from responding to their fears and attacks with attacks of our own. In the end, we only have our own sense of integrity and truth. Fear and intimidation never change anyone's mind, except at the most superficial of levels; only love and truth can do that.

I pray that the truth and love that you have obviously given to your patients will win out. Regardless of the outcome, you can always hold your head high knowing the help and the hope that you have given to all of us.

Many blessings and much happiness to you, your friend,

Kirstin Donaldson said...

Dr Reid

I'd just like to add my twopennyworth and thank you for all your assistance and support that has got me through some difficult times on my continuing journey. Now I hope to see you get through your difficult times.

best wishes

Natalie Jones RGN said...

As a Registered General Nurse in the NHS working in (at the time) an
Accident and Emergency Department (ER for non-UK readers) I had a lot of dealings with the psychiatric service - especially the doctors who were not generally not specialists but actually SHOs who were doing training towards becoming GPs. I had also had as part of my training for my RGN had to undertake a mental health placement for 2 months in a psychiatric environment. What I saw filled me with disgust and fear that I should ever have to get involved with them as a patient. Their model of treatment was purely medical - ie give drugs - things like counselling
were not even considered let alone practised. In A&E we see the end
results of their so-called care. People would frequently attend
following overdose or threatening self-harm. Most of the time the
patients would be known to the psychiatric team but would often tell of a complete lack of treatment and support to the extent that they would ask their CPN for help saying they were concerned that they were going to OD or self harm yet receive nothing from the CPN exept get told to go to A&E...The pyshciatric team would use every excuse they could think of not to have to assess the patient. The best offered would usually be something along the lines of offer an 'urgent' out-patient appointment in 6 weeks...

When I decided to start treatment for my transition the very fact that I would be referred to the local pysch team filled me with dread and fear.

My local PCT told me that they had a policy of funding only 1 treatment
a yeat and that I would be number 10 -this was in 2000 meaning I would
be due for surgery in 2010..I was determined that I would not go to CX
under any circumstances because of the horror stories that I had heard.
As a qualified healthcare professional I was used to dealing with our doctors in the hospital as an equal. Nothing I had heard about CX suggested that the CX doctors were this way inclined - in fact it was the opposite - you were treated as a miscreant and an annoyance to got rid of as quickly as possible.I was not prepared to be treated in this way knowing that because I am not phased or intimidated by doctors I would have said something that the CX shrinks did not like and would no doubt have soon been discharged.

When I heard of Russell I could not believe that such a psychiatrist
existed. I duly went to see him and found that he treated me as a human
being and also involved me in the treatment and diagnosis and explained everything to me. The treatment and its risks were fully discussed with me and I felt more of an equal rather than a patient. He treated me as a fellow healthcare professional and exercised due respect to me both as an RGN and a person. He may well have given me
hormones on my first visit but it was only a small dose and he did not
march me along to the chemist to get the medication, nor did he physically force the tablets down my throat each morning - I did that of
my own accord. Indeed he makes clear his caution at exceeding the doeses and running before you can walk. Additionally he did not force me to attend a second referral with another psychiatrist nor a visit to a surgeon. I don't recall Russell dragging me to the hospital for a pre-op appointment nor dragging me there on the day of my admission for surgery. Additionally it was me who signed the consent form for the surgery - not Russell. I was fully consensual in the whole process and could have withdrawn at any time in the process - the point is I didn't want to. How can any of this be construed to the fault of Russell - it was my decision and mine alone to continue with the treatment. I had well over two years to change my mind and chose not to. In my professional opinion Russell treated me within the constraints of the HBGID guidelines - which are that only- there exist no NICE guidelines on dealing with TS people in this country so it is hard to see how he has broken any guidelines which don't exist. NICE is the National
Institute for Clinical Excellence and form the framework in which
clinicians have to treat each condition. As Russell worked for the NHS too - if he was breaking the guidelines routinely then he would have been sacked by his local NHS Trust - he wasn't so draw your own
conclusions from that.. The second pyschiatrist and the surgeon were also NHS employees who fully accepted Russell's referral and opinion as indeed did my local PCT who paid for my surgery with NHS funds despite me never having been seen by an NHS GIC. My local PCT must have believed that the treatment and assessement that I had received were acceptable under the HBGD guidelines...

Transitioning as I did in an A&E department my colleagues asked a lot of questions about the treatments and the assessments etc. I often spoke to them about the methods that CX employ. Not one person (nurse or doctor) I spoke to thought that expecting someone to transition
and change their name BEFORE having any form of treatment was anything
less than cruel and spiteful...

It makes me wonder what you have to do at times in this country to
actually get struck off as a doctor by the GMC. I worked with a Gynae
Surgeon who was well known in our hospital for being a butcher and
routinely perforating women's bladders and bowels during laporoscopic surgery - often whilst drunk....I know of at least 2 women who died as a direct result of his butchering. Both the hospital management and the GMC were uninterested until the amount of complaints we bombarded them (plus the impending legal action of a quite a few of his ex-patients)
with forced them to begin investigating. However he managed to avoid any action by drinking himself into a coma and resulted in his ventilator in ITU being switched off .

So I wish that I was able to get to London to offer my support to
Russell. It will be a travesty if any action is taken against him. It is my opinion that the CX set up should be in front of the GMC for their inhuman ways of dealing with TS people. Long may psychiatrists of
Russell's calibre be encouraged not disciplined. I am ashamed at times
to be working for the same organisation (ie the NHS) that treats TS people with such contempt by inflicting the likes of CX upon them and them attempting to discipline a doctor of Russell's compassion and skills who has given so much of his working life to the NHS and to improving his patient's lives not that of his own career or importance.

Unfortunately Russell's sympathetic and caring methods do not fit into the modern business ethic of the NHS where despite all the published intentions the only priority is to save money and get people out of the system as fast as possible (look at 4 hour A&E trolley waits as the example of this causing people to be shunted around the hospital at all times of day and night). Caring and compassion are not accepted parts of the NHS nowadays and those of us that believe that they are face a bumpy road. Ironically I believe Russell treated far more people each year than the 'clinic' at CX..

If Russell is reading any of these messages - ignore what the GMC says - we all think you are a star and a credit to your profession. Anything
short of a public apology will show the hierarchy of the UK Medical
Profession to be totally insignificant. This action against Russell has no clinical basis and is purely a witch hunt against him from Charing Cross who do not like their monopoly threatened... Perhaps the GMC should take a look at the establishment that calls itself 'The Albany Clinic' and the Dr that is in charge there - far more to be concerned there with the apparent selling of hormones and other dubious products which should be only issued by a registered medical practitioner by presciption only...

Russell is a credit to his profession and should be issued with a full and public apology and an award for his services to the NHS and Transgender Patients in this country which he has CHOSEN to dedicate his working life too. He gave me my life back and I thanks him wholeheartedly for that. Conversely it should be the charlatons at CX who are facing the GMC. If only I had been a patient there then I would have been able to complain to the GMC about them myself and then who knows who would be in the dock this week.

Best of luck Russell - we are all behind you.

Natalie Jones RGN

Anonymous said...

I was a patient at CHX firstly under Randle then with Russell i found him truly proffesional its now nearly 20 years since transition &GRS many of my friends and i have noticed (the elephant in the room nobody else wants to talk about ) the large numbers of elderly people Russell has seen and then flown out to thailand, this we feel is the problem not russell

ageing TV.s slipping under the wire claiming to be trans after they have had their lives as men ( this many of us have discussed with the VP.S of PFC who agree )

Russel could only react to what he was told & if these old TVs come across with the right answers and claim to be living the Real life test Russell could not check everybody

its time somebody tackled this problem of the Old guys flying to thailand , never living the real life test

if anyone is Trans they present at a reasonable age

Russell Reid is a gent and probably was the best we had now its time to start a new chapter none of us wants to see things go back to Randle,s ways

Rusell best of luck enjoy your retirement

Anonymous said...

I wish you the best of luck with your hearings.

We have never met and only spoken briefly, but the work you have done and the care you haveshown for the TS community is immense.

To many of the medical profession around the world treat us without respect and dignity...

You never did that.

Oestrogenix said...

In a time of need when I was looking for help and support you gave me the means to change my life for the better.

I will always be greatfull for the care and treatment you gave me and the many other 'brothers and sisters' that have come through your doors.

You have made a lot of people very happy and probably saved many lives in the process.

I wish you the best.

Carol Jadzia

Anonymous said...

Dr Reid, your patient centred approach has been very difficult for you and very successful for your patients and for that we thank you. The people who are now hounding you have implemented and used a regime that was terribly destructive for so many people. Good luck and best wishes


Irene Parsons. said...

I would just like to add my twopennorth here.

I finally went into transition almost seven years ago, long after my first contact with Charing Cross. You Dr Reid made it all possible for me, you were supportive, honest, and a bit firm at times. Since my SRS you have been supportive and very helpful in the trials I have had, your support has been critical at times, I already miss it.

Thank you Dr Reid, I hope and believe you will be vindicated.



Anonymous said...

It was nearly 20 years ago that I tentatively knocked on your door, sent by the way by my GP in south Wales who had read a piece about you. Since that day, I have not one moment of regret. True, I went through some horrid experiences, but never for a moment did I think I had done the wrong thing.

Your kindness and support was invaluable. I also remember that you gave me plenty of opportunity to change my mind. I am so grateful to you and I am horrified that this is happening to you. My thoughts are with you and I am sure that you will be exonerated in the end.

Pam Hunt

Pam Hunt said...

It was nearly 20 years ago that I tentatively knocked on your door, sent by the way by my GP in south Wales who had read a piece about you. Since that day, I have not one moment of regret. True, I went through some horrid experiences, but never for a moment did I think I had done the wrong thing.

Your kindness and support was invaluable. I also remember that you gave me plenty of opportunity to change my mind. I am so grateful to you and I am horrified that this is happening to you. My thoughts are with you and I am sure that you will be exonerated in the end.

Pam Hunt

Carolyn Campbell said...

I am amongst the many trans people who have had direct experience both of Dr.Reid's practice and that of the Charring Cross clinic.
I transitioned over 17 years ago, and Dr Reid was one of the three psychiatrists who took part in my assessment. He was respectful and careful. My GP showed me the notes he has made regarding myself and they were insightful and cautious. displaying a real insight (not always complimentary) into my personality.

My experience with Charring Cross was such that I found the entire set-up (including the clerical staff) arrogant, disrespectful and giving the impression that they were doing me a favour by even granting me an appointment.
I was so put off by their high-handed approach that I have since avoided all contact with that service. I know many people who have dealt with Charring Cross and the overwhelming impression is one of uncaring, dictatorial and poor levels of care.

The medical profession has a tradition of defining 'malpractice; as any practice that falls outside its established norm. In this case, the established norm of the Charring Cross clinic is generally unacceptable and downright wrong in the opinion of most U.K. trans people.

If Dr Reid is disciplined, it will serve only to perpetuate a clinic that is so far from a 'centre of excellence' as to be regarded by many as a centre for the uncaring abusive treatment of trans people.

Carolyn Campbell

Anonymous said...

Yours has been, quite simply, the best care available for transsexual people in the UK for some years. The contrast between your approach and that of a well known clinic I attended before seeing you showed just how repressive the others were. In my opinion, they are the ones who should be in front of the GMC.

I would like to thank you once again for the help and support you gave me seven years ago that has let me live the wonderful life I have now.

JD, Stoke on Trent

Jayne Stutt said...

Dr. Reid helped me so much after having much negative bias from other sources! He was considerate and careful in his analysis, He took the time to examine all aspects of my life and made me me valuable as an individual He, I regard as one of the true professionals who saved me from oblivion. How can reasonable person blame such a trusted professional who has all helped so many others known to me. I suppose there's bound to be one due to the nature of his work that will not be satisfied. But in my view no normal man is going to continue to take female hormones when his sexual prowess begins to diminish, ultimately the decision is left to the individual surely. Then to blame someone else if the desired result is not gained perhaps this is an unfortunate trait of human nature that of guilt transference! Dr Reid has been a salvation to many 'the silent majority' as they say! So now it's time to let our voice be heard above those with an axe to grind!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for everything Russell. You are a wonderful guy who made my whole life work. They can never take away your achievments in helping so many of us.

Best wishes
Edwina Morris

Hal said...

Hi Russell,
I suspect that along with me most of the folks that have posted on here can't really get their heads round why we are having to do this - I DON'T THINK YOU DID ANYTHING WRONG IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Maybe the folks that should be held to task are those in charge of the NHS system that would happily leave folks like me waiting for years and years before geting an appointment with their local GIC - I've been waiting for four years now and expect to wait at least another two, I was originaly told I would have to wait nineteen years but that seems to have changed recently.

All you ever showed me was care and understanding. I do not recall any pressure from you. You laid out the options for me to make decisions about my future life.

I thank you for the life I am now leading. Many friends and colleagues say to me that my transsition has been the making of me. I would have to agree.

I truly hope that you come out of this ordeal with your head held high and your dignity in place. You are a fine man and your services to the trans community will be greatly missed.

Hal (Sheffield)

NurseMarissa said...

I would like to take this opportunity to express my full support for Russell. You helped me at two significant points in my life and always showed great concern, care and professionalism. I have you largely to thank for the success that is my life today. Thank you for what you've done for me and countless others - you will be greatly missed. I wish you all the best for your retirement.

Marissa Dainton

Adele Marie Stevens said...

Hi Russell,

I shall be eternally grateful for the help you offered to me when I first came to see you in August 1997 and the subsequent support and advice given during my transition. At the time I was running my own company consulting to the North Sea Oil and Gas Industry although subsequently I lost my company. Not I hasten to add due to my transition but to some bad financial management, I now work for a large retail organisation as a Manager.
I was unsure of who I was or where I was going in my life and if it had not been for your support I am unsure where I would be today. But one thing I can say is that I am a much happier, confident and mature woman in a long term relationship with a caring and loving guy and the one or two people who knew the old me would say that I am a much better, caring and stable person now.
Not once did I feel you rushed me into any stage of treatment or transition, it was all done at my own pace with you offering support and on occasions urging caution.
I do hope that the outcome of the current hearing is in your favour but if not you will still be respected at the highest level by me and many other Trans People.

Good Luck Russell

Kind regards

Adele Marie Stevens

Kelly Richards said...

If it was not for Dr. Reid I would be dead now, for those inside prison; Dr Reid was a breath of fresh air, I give this to the BMA, there are patients who are convincing in there own illusion.

At the end of the day you all know when signing the surgical release form, that surgery is right for you, anyone stating they have made a mistake; is their fault not the fault of the specialist even Charing Cross experience people who have said they have made a mistake, don’t see anyone complaining about the Gender Team there.

Kelly Richards
Ex H.M.P Parkhurst

Andrea said...

Dr Reid has helped me considerably and without his care and support I would very likely not be around to write this.

His thoughtful and careful management of my personal issues means I have a chance to live a normal life.

thank you for your help


Anonymous said...

After many years struggling to come to terms with being transsexual and after being discharged from the RAF I went to see Russell Reid in his offices in Earls Court. He was wonderfully helpful and provided me with the counseling and support I so desperately needed. I can’t praise Russell Reid enough for all the hard work and dedication he has provided not just to me, but to others like me.

Recent years have seen a deepening and broadening of the awareness of the issues of; gender; gender dysphoria; and transsexuality in particular, not just within the medical community, but within the general population at large, due in no small part to Russell and his tireless work to promote awareness and understanding.

Thank you Russell, I am forever in your debt!!!

Kind regards

Michelle Buckley

Michelle Buckley said...

After many years struggling to come to terms with being transsexual and after being discharged from the RAF I went to see Russell Reid in his offices in Earls Court. He was wonderfully helpful and provided me with the counseling and support I so desperately needed. I can’t praise Russell Reid enough for all the hard work and dedication he has provided not just to me, but to others like me.

Recent years have seen a deepening and broadening of the awareness of the issues of; gender; gender dysphoria; and transsexuality in particular, not just within the medical community, but within the general population at large, due in no small part to Russell and his tireless work to promote awareness and understanding.

Thank you Russell, I am forever in your debt!!!

Kind regards

Michelle Buckley

lesley gregory said...

I met you after I had spent c nine months being treated with inadequate levels of hormones etc at a private clinic in the north of england.I had just started intensive electrolysis,and my therapist suggested you might be able to help me.I was desperate to get away from the clinic,but anxious if possible to jump start my NHS treatment at my local clinic where the standards of care were poor.Seeing you was a revelation.Not only were you truly professional and understanding,but you were positively charming,and made me feel not just female,but attractive and special.I only met you once but your letter(s) to my GP convinced him to start prescribing hormones on the NHS months before the local NHS clinic confirmed my suitability!!!!!! for treatment.Needless to say when they realised I had used you (even for a second opinion-which is surely only the right of every patient),they were angry,and refused to backdate my life experience time to the date of your diagnosis.Consequently I lost six months of time advantage which at my age (57) was hard.But I suppose I was lucky they didnt throw me off THEIR programme for having the temerity to question THEIR clinical judgement.After meeting you I found their arrogance and lack of humanity appalling,but of course by then I knew that others,and especially you believed in us,and treated us as individual people with our own unique needs.You must be pleased that many of us are sending our message of support,but really and truly, you dont need them.You are an honest and decent man who did what he thought was professionally right for individual patients,and who conducted his business with compassion,and I may, a degree of charm.I hope justice is not only done,but seen to be done.You helped me to change my life,as you helped many others,so perhaps that is reward enough.I and so manyothers will be rooting for you.

Lesley Gregory. _____

Gillian Tracy said...

It's now over 20 years since I first saw Dr. Reid in his consulting rooms and it was in 1989/90 that I underwent the transition, though I still puzzle as to the how's and why's that as a highly intellingent and highly qualified person I took this path. I can only say that it was destiny for me and that Dr. Reid guided me from going crazy and self harming and believe me I was self harming to rid my body of those things that were an anathema to me.

On the dark side I had a beautiful and intelligent family of three girls and a boy who no longer have anything to do with me and no longer communicate and through whom I'm denied contact with my grandchildren. I'm even denied contact with my only sister who suffers from MS and receive restriction orders through her homophobic daughter's solicitor even for writing a letter to my sister to tell he about our parents burial grave that I diligently look after.

As a consequence, I have virtually no friends and no relationships, so was I right to enter into this transition and was Dr. Reid right to persuade me? It puzzles me.

In the end, it was my choice, but without Dr. Reid's help I might possibly have committed suicide or ended up more crazy than I am now.

Dr. Kenneth Demsky said...

Dear Dr. Reid,

I'm so proud that I was able to serve, if all too briefly, in the field and in your chambers during the Russell Reid era.

As an American gender specialist and psychologist, it's impossible to believe your current situation reflects concern about transgender and transexual individuals. It must be something else less professional and more personal.

I wish there were still someone like you offering services to work with in London! Life would be better for us all.

All the best and my deepest gratitude for your support!

Kenneth Demsky, PhD

Anonymous said...

It was March 2005 when I made my first visit to see Dr Reid and I was a rather nervous person. Well, he put me at ease straight away and treated me like a fellow human being.

At every subsequent visit he always seemed to know exactly what I needed and offered help always before I could ask first, but he also allowed me to progress at my own pace; it was I who decided when to go full-time for Dr Reid allowed me to be on hormones 7 months beforehand, which in my view was extremely beneficial in helping my confidence level and more importantly my passability. To me, making people go full-time without the benefit of hormones is just plain cruel!

Dr Reid never talked about surgery until I requested it after listening to my heart and realising that I really needed it and it was time to start making plans. It was also I who asked for help with a 2nd referral. Dr Reid just opened the doors; I was the one who stepped through them.

I'm now 2 weeks away from my surgery and am feeling very fortunate and grateful for all the help I've received. I feel without Dr Reid's help I would not have developed into the stable, happy woman I am today.

Sarah Jane Avory.

Anonymous said...

Wishing you all the best at this difficult time, Dr Reid. I am not trans myself but am aware of the great help and support you have been to so mnay trans people over the years. You inspire wonderful loyalty in your patients.


Michelle said...

I have never had the opportunity to meet you, but your contribution to helping thousands like me has made a great impact on the treatment of transpeople in not only this country but I believe elsewhere. I like many, have chosen to go the private route with a consultant who like you, listens to ME as I find the NHS route unacceptable with all its gatekeepers and certainly does not adhere to the HBGIDA as it claims, but uses it as an obstacle course for the long suffering trans patient.

I hope common sense prevails and the real truth is given. Good luck Dr Reid. We're all praying for you.

Michelle G (Louth, Lincs.)

Terry Egan said...

Dear Sirs,

If I have the parameters of this case correctly, Dr Reid is being charged with "fast tracking"
Transexuals through the Transition process. By not strictly adhering to the Benjamin "standards", Dr Reid has violated some imagined code or protocol of medicine that has been subject to revision since it was first devised in the 1950s.

This is the same as accepting the conclusions of Sigmund Freud for all time to come, Ain't gonna happen! Yes, Benjamin was a
pioneer and his work was truly groundbreaking in the 50s and 60s, but it doesn't end there. Benjamin was wrong about alot of things.

The prevalence of Transgenderism for one. His schedules for hormones for another. This is not to condemn Harry Benjamin! No! Not at all! He was a caring Doctor, who addressed one of mankind's oldest conundrums from a medical perpesctive. He could have done what so many had done in the past. Namely, washed his hands of us and gone on to things that paid a lot better. He didn't and for
that he should be commended.

Who, among you, witholds a treatment from a sick patient? Which one of you is so indecisive as to keep painkillers from someone who is suffering, while you scratch your heads over whether or not it's severe enough.

Yes, a doctor has to make evaluations of need. However, those needs should be addressed quickly. Not drawn out over long periods. The patient has their need for relief, that's why they've come to a doctor in the first place.

The NHS of the UK has a history of being very slow about cures. Dragging out diagnoses and excessive "studying" of a problem. Visits to many specialists
seems to be the rule. Has this become intitutionalised to the point where every patient can not expect relief from their symptoms for a long time?

Did Dr Reid upset the schedule by moving the process a little faster? Let me remind you, in Thailand srs is performed almost on demand. Not dragged out for years with excessive diagnosing, or adherence to some obsolete standards. Dr Reid is to be commended for his willingness to place the the antiquated Benjamin stardards in the dustbin of medical history.

Sincerely, Terry Egan

Diane Logan said...

Dear Dr. Reid,
Although a Yank I have heard so much about you from some of my Brit friends. It seems to me that you treated your patients much the same as Dr Harry Benjamin and Dr Charles Ihlenfeld treated me over 34 yrs ago. Unlike some of the so-called transsexual professional doctors who seem to be confused by the overwhelming transgender advocates you obviously knew what and who really needed the care you provided in order to finally achieve a life of wholeness.
Dr Reid, as I see it you came up against a wall of jealousy. I wish you well and please know that you are appreciated by many, many of those you helped.
Diane Logan, USA

Caitriona (Cait) Collins (Limerick, Ireland) said...

Having been through the "system" both in the States and Europe, I am well aware of the difficulties many gender variant people face in getting proper treatment. Having read the so called charges brought against Dr.Reid I am again sorely reminded of the reticent attitude of many in the medical profession towards progressive practitioners who genuinely care about the person they are treating.My personal experiences indicated to me that those who would prolong our discomfort could well be motivated by financial gain. It is my sincere wish that Dr.Reid can overcome these hurdles and continue to provide the much needed compassion and professionalism sorely absent from a large sector in the medical profession.

Karen S said...

I am sorry that you have to go through the injustice that is before you. I transitioned many years ago and have been post op for 5 years. I would not be here if it were not for your care and understanding. I went through my local NHS psychiatrist who agreed I needed hormone treatment but said I was number 15 on a list for the gender clinic with only one new person being dealt with a year---15 years before any treatment at all! I, strangely enough could not wait 15 years as I knew 1.As time went by I became ever more distraught at living in my then physical gender and 2. That as time moved on I was becoming more masculine and this would be harder to reverse when older.

So I heard of Russell Reid and for the first time in my life I felt I had met someone who understood that I was a human being. Even though I had been previously assessed Russell re-assessed me thoroughly and as things progressed he remained cautious. I was not ready to transition until I had been taking hormones for nearly 2 years and could never have done it without. I at no point felt that I was being brainwashed into my course of action but as a nurse I know that that happens in areas of the NHS---'Doctor knows best' mentality; this is the 21st century isn't it? I am now happy and moving on in life and career which did not happen pre-transition. I am now a senior nurse who works in an area where no-one is aware of my past, and so unfortunately hear of the stigma attached to transsexual individuals and many other minority groups within the NHS, but hopefully manage to educate these practitioners. It saddens me to think that people are being treated by some medics who could not care less once the surgery door is closed. Russell is not one of these individuals and I hope that the person who has taken over his service continues with the same sense of patient centred care and is not governed by the few. Good luck Russell, this should not be happening, and I am sure alot of people think that transsexual individuals are too scared to speak out, but we are proving them wrong and will stand by you as you did us.

Jessica Park said...


Good to see you getting the support you need. Curently now in Sydney chasing business. Wishing you every success and shame on the other lot.

Jessica Park

Sabrina said...

Dear Dr. Reid,
although we have never met I have heard nothing but good said about you. I think it is appalling how the establishment have treated you and I wish you every success in your fight.


Mr R A Paris. said...

Dear Dr Reid. I have already written privately to give my supportive comments, however, i shall state once more that i believe your considerable proffesional efforts to address the needs of many persons living with gender variance, has allowed so many to have at last, peace of mind and a quality of life they would not have achieved by other roads to treatment, including myself. My thoughts and the thoughts of our regional Charity Board of Trustee's at Gender-Matters are with you.

Diane King said...

It is very hard to find people like Dr Reid who are understanding and willing to help.
The old fashioned medical council should go with the times and give Mr Reid Support.
I am not a TS but I support you fully, Good Luck

Helen Cormick said...

We have never met but because of the self opinionated people running NHS GIDs I went to a private clinic where I was told that I could transition after six months. I did in Thailand.

These People who are currently spitting their dummies out in what appears to be a personal vendetta against yourself are bringing shame on themselves and the Medical Profession.

Good luck! and bless you for caring.

Helen Cormick, Lancs.

Anonymous said...

In this world of injustice we see yet again injustice, a man who was dedicated to helping those most vulnerable in our society in a humaine and caring way. Ever pushing the boundarys towards greater understanding through public campaigne our champion we all know of his name. I met Russell many years ago when I was visiting Michael Royle hed, just popped in to say hello, I wasnt even a patient of his but that didnt matter to him he still found time, but then thats Russell through and through.
Gail, godbless

Clare Steen said...

Dear Dr Russell Reid,

My name is Clare Steen from the Isle of Wight.

I would like to express my deepest concerns regarding the most unfortunate and improper treatment that you are experiencing with the GMC.

I attended that hellhole so called Gender Identity Clinic at Charring Cross Hospital for more than two years before coming to see your good self. I won’t go into all the nasty vile treatment I experience their, because I think you have probably heard about some of the horrendous treatment most Transsexual people have to go through in that horrid place.

Before meeting your good self back in 1992, I was in such a dreadful state I was considering ending my own life. After explaining myself to you on our first meeting, you expertly recognised I was a genuine transsexual.

I found your manner to be very welcoming and understanding. You came across to me of being the only Doctor that understood the pain I was going through. After leaving your Surgery in London with my friend Phadra Kelley, (Bruce Laker), My whole world had lifted to such a high I had to pinch myself.

I could finally see my torment coming to an end. Well Russell, I underwent Gender reassignment Surgery in August 1992 and I have to say, thanks to you, I now live a very happy life.

Thank you so much Russell for all you have done for me, and I pray and hope that your problem with the GMC will come to a satisfactory conclusion, and good sense will prevail.

Good Luck Dear,

Kindest Regards

Clare Steen
From the Isle of Wight.

Jasmine Langridge said...

After a very depressing experience with Charing Cross, you were the first medical professional to take my situation seriously and genuinely help me, and for that I am very grateful.

Thank you for fighting this case. You already have the respect of your patients, and I hope that in due course it will be clear that you are far more deserving of the respect of the medical community than those who have brought the case against you.

All the best,

Jasmine Langridge

Jim aka Jenny said...

I write as someone who hasn't 'transitioned' and never will - but my experience of you and your help and compassion has helped in no small manner to make my life as a 'gender dysphoric' both pleasant and enjoyable.
I first visited you some 18 years ago and was most impressed to find someone who was both caring and understanding. At the time of this first visit my mind was in turmoil, and I believe that you brought a feeling of calm and contentment into my life. So, you may have prescribed hormones BUT - along with your caring attitude, I believe they helped me in regaining my sanity.
It was obvious to both of us that, with my medical history, the possibilities of a successful transition were rather more than remote - but you were able to treat me compassionately and discuss my fears and desires over the next eight or so years and thus enabled me to come to terms with my condition. I don't believe that Charing Cross would have been able to help me or would have even been interested in seeing me, thus providing what could well have been another statistic on the suicide list.
At no time did you EVER force me to do anything but advised me, leaving the final decision, as always, in my court.
Sadly, I have in the past met a post-op TS who was most unhappy following the 'full transition'. I trust that this person is not one of those who have enticed the 'team' at Charing Cross to - in effect - 'get their own back', on someone who CARES and is SUCCESSFUL. Similarly, I have been acquainted with a TS who went through the Charing Cross mill and is most unhappy with the outcome following a full transition.
My best wishes go with you, Russell, for a successful outcome of this very misinformed and mischevious attempt to discredit you, and by inference your clientele. My experience of NHS service providers is such that if many of them could achieve the same success rate as yourself then the NHS could be considered to be doing a grand job.
Jim aka Jenny - Chelmsford, Essex

Julie said...

Dear Russell its some 6years now since i first had the honour of your esteemed advice and help and you are the one person that set me on the road to where i am now today a completely re-born woman. i feel sure that without your friendly,helpful attitude and ongoing help and advice i would possibly not be around today to enjoy my new life as i now do.Having also experienced the Charing Cross regime,s treatment i can but say they could learn a lot about humanities from your good self.May i lastly say good luck Russell you deserve it and my thoughts and prayers are with you in this struggle against the stupid faceless wonders of the NHS.My love and best wishes Julie Ann Willis Ramsgate Kent.

Scott Cairns said...

I was extremely surprised to hear of the case being brought by the GMC against Dr Reid. Having been through shameful hoops with my PCT and centralised NHS "specialists" I was only too thankful to find Dr Reid.

Being trans is difficult enough without having to convince, demonstrate and perform for your care providers such are some of the hoops they would have us jump through.

Dr Reid listened, provided excellent advice and discussed thoroughly the pros and the cons of all of my considered options. Above all, he treated me with the respect that we all deserve.

The care and support provided by Dr Reid was a lifeline (not used lightly) and I will ever remain thankful to him.

I sincerely hope that this trial is thrown out.

Diane Richards-Hughes said...

ultimately the responsibility lies with the patient to undergo GRS/SRS, it is no earthly good blaming the medical profession when all they do is try to help. Russel's record speaks for itself.
Diane, Cork, Ireland

Serge, London said...

Thank you, Russell Reid. I was a patient of yours, when I sought you out for an informed and highly experienced opinion as I made my decision to leave the CX hospital transition route. I already had my gender dysphoria diagnosis in place. I feel I benefited greatly from meetings with you, as I was able to get on with my life and transition without looking back. I appreciated your accessibility and our dialogue, and that you offered a much needed service outside of the mental health hospital consultant system, which did not afford me much respect or dignity. I really hope that you win this case, and that NHS gender clinics and related services for trans people learn from your model of care.

Lynne J Braithwaite said...

Yes I am another of Dr Reid's very satisfied patients.
On my first vist to CX at the age of 59 I was told very clearly that I was too old to be a transsexual!!!!That attitude seemed to prevail no matter which Dr?? I was seen by. I was far from impressed.
When I finally took the plunge and contacted Dr Reid it was like being reborn, here was someone who actually listened and didn't dictate what I should and should not do.
This was borne out by the letters that he sent to my GP, who I'm glad to say was also extremely understanding and supportive.
THANK YOU Russell for being there in my time of need and all the best for the future.
Ms Lynne J Braithwaite BEM LSGCM & Casp RAF Retd

Kriss Pearse said...

Dr. Reid - you are reknowned as a leading expert in the field of Gender Identity Disorder. Unlike Certain other people who are purpoted "experts" in the field in the UK, you saw the HBSoC guidelines exactly for what they were, and just as the guidelines themselves say, they are flexible. Where you are concerned though, you understood what the guidelines were actually saying - tha they are flexible in BOTH directions.

You treated people with this "condition" as human beings, you used your best judgment in providing treatment, and in doing so singlehandedly pioneered the field in using a "patient centered" approach as sanctioned by the govermment itself in almost every other area of medicine. To date, I have never seen anything to say why this approach should not apply to trans patients.

Every doctor has cases where patients regress or otherwise have doubts afterwards in most fields of medicine, being as it is a qute natural part of the human condition. Your accusers are certainly no different to you in this respect with the possible exception that at the time of the accusations, they had created a situation where people felt forced to lie to them in order to be treated, thus increasing the risks.

Your actions and methods in the field are not only resposible for effectively saving the lives of many patients, putting the first cracks in the old rigid and "god like" way of doing things, and creating the first real progress away from this situation even after leaving the NHS, but they have also shown a much neglected, hurt and dare I say abused patient group/minority that not all doctors wor in that way, and that it's not psychiatry itself at fault.

You have show that there is another way, patients and yet-to -be patients have demanded progress towards this other way, and have come to expect the treatment they truly deserve.

With the lasting changes you have made to provision of treatment for this condition in this country, I doubt that there's a single trans person in it that couldn't consider you as an uncle.

This case is about more than yourself, Dr. Reid. It's about trying to undo the changes that you've brought about, and avoiding any further change to a conservative and self-deified world. It's about wiping out your lifes work and its effects in this country at the stroke of a pen.

Please, uncle, and win this for yourself and win it for us also. I have no doubt that you will.

Kriss Pearse
(writer of a certain petition.)

Becky said...

Dr Reid -

I saw you several years ago, and you gave me a letter saying that you didn't think much of me and a prescription for hormones anyway. Of course it all turned out for the good and I did very well afterwards. I think hormones as a diagnostic tool are right, and I think the Harry Benjamin rules are wrong on this case. It's a shame that you can't just carry on doing that anyway.

I also saw the NHS doctors after seeing you. Suffice it to say that if there is no medical alternative to the NHS the (trans) world will be a gloomier place.

Thanks again!


Olivia said...

As I live in Canada, I am not closely implicated in the machinations of the NHS in Britain. You, Russell Reid, though have always been something of a beacon of understanding of the transsexual people. The effort to bureaucratize our passages has not been so successful in Canada as it has been in Britain and the US. Here, I suggest, with a little imagination, we find ourselves in control of our own passages and access (though usually only with personal payments for it) to surgery. You have made passages in Britain as civilized as possible in the circumstance. I guess I'm not surprised that those who seek to control us have found you as target.

Olivia Jensen, Montreal

Tracey said...


I have been wondering just how to say how pleased I am to have made your acquaintance. For me you were a breath of fresh air. Yes, I started on my journey to womanhood some ten years or so before I met you but then turned my back on it for over eight years - BUT - then came a trigger that nearly sent me mad. It was at this time that I met Jim (aka Jenny) and together we came to see you. You were the answer to my problem and within three years I went to Brighton for GRS. This was in March 1990 and I have to say that I have absolutely no regrets other than one - my children have cut themselves off from me!

As others have said, you did not MAKE me do anything, I did it because I wanted to, I didn't know how else to "cleanse" myself. Prior to this I felt dirty, weird, a freek. Now however, I feel whole, I also feel very strongly that I am now who I should have been all along. I am now a very confident person and far more outgoing than I ever was before the GRS.

When I started treatment the first time (1978), I was under John Randell at CX - but even he started me on pills before I transitioned - long before! Now however, it seems the outfit at CX have extended the "Guidelines" and started considering them as rules. Russell, the number of complaints I have heard about CX are innumerable, and someone else that Jim and I know who has just started on the path to womanhood has been warned not expect any sympathy or understanding from CX and this is something that all such TSs should be aware of. Guidelines are guidelines are guidelines - not rules! You always considered the patient in all decisions you made, what was right for the patient - not "had they done this" or "had they done that" by such and such a time! Your concern was what was right for the patient, not timescales.

Without you, I would definitely not be the person I am today. Indeed I may not have been here today! I have a very great deal to thank you for and I apologise that I have not done so long since. I wish you all the very best with the outcome of the hearing and trust the GMC will reach the right conclusion. As with others, I also feel that CX should be in the dock over their treatment of TSs. I trust they are proud of the way they conduct their business. One thing is for certain, they don't carry much respect from the Transgender community.

All the best
Tracey Palmer

Kirsty Jayne Crow said...

Dear Russell,

I can never thank you enough for giving me the confidence to embark on a journey that I should have commenced long ago. I feel that but for your sound counsel and support I might never have felt brave enough to take those important first steps. You listened to my concerns, offered sound advice and never once made me feel that I was somehow unworthy because of whom I believed myself to be. If only all concerned in our plight could adopt the same compasionate attitude.

I very much hope that you are able to savour the delights of Tuscany for many years to come and who knows, our paths may yet again cross, when I'm visiting my sister in nearny Lucca.

Meanwhile good luck in everything, you are a gem.

Kirsty Jayne Crow,

Bollington, Macclesfield

Jennifer Burgess said...

I am Mrs Jennifer Anne Burgess (formally Healy) I was seen by Dr Reid in the early 80's and he save my life.

Let me explain, in 1979 at the age of 36 I had my first heart-attack. I was told that if I did not have a bypass operation then I would be dead within 3 years. This made me stop & think about my life & after some time I came to the conclusion that the only way I could go on was to have a sex change.

I had to wait to get over the operation before I could put my plain into action. I was also in the middle of suing the Police. So it was some time before I could go & see Dr Russell Reid how was at that time at Charring Cross Hospital.

He listened to me and put me on Premarin at my first visit. He could see that I had thought long and hard about what I was going to do. After one year of living in my new life he recommended me for surgery. I could not wait for the NHS so I went privet and paid for the operation. It was the best thing I have ever done.

Since then I have had 4 more heart-attacks & a second bypass operation. I would not have had the will to overcome all this if I had not had the sex change. So I thank Dr Russell Reid for my life & if I can be for any help to him in his present troubles he has only to ask.

Jennifer Burgess

Maya said...

I am a transexual woman and I am writing in support of Dr. Reid. The service he provides to our communitiy is invaluable and badly needed. Dr. Reid should be commended, not persecuted for the work he does in helping trans women and men live healthier and more fulfilling lives. I pray the doctor is able to continue with his practice and is able to spread the word that there are people in desperate need of help and we should be expanding the sources of aid.


Lesley Huckle said...

Would that the rest of the medical profession could boast such a high satisfaction rating and success rate

Rachel D T Lockwood said...

I would like to add my comments to the above supportive statements regarding Dr Russel Reid. I must say that the present case against Dr Reid is a disgrace and should be stopped with immediate effect. I speak as someone who has had to run the gauntlet of supposed NHS care methods,they leave a great deal to be desired. Although I have not met Dr Reid personally I am aware of the compassion he has showed to a great many trans people, and I may say that his only "crime" is to show compassion something the NHS are truly bereft of. If we are to hang people who show compassion then we are well on the way to complete ruin. This is a witch-hunt of fantastic proportions and if it is allowed to continue the real culprits(eg those who have brought this action) will certainly be responsible for the avoidable deaths of people whose only need is to be themselves,they are not freaks and have the right to have the same respect shown with regard to treatment as any other member of society. I would like to offer my wholehearted support for Dr Reid as do a great many others, my partner Jayne included who without his help and understanding would not be around to tell the tale given that she has still not had an initial appointment from the Leeds Gender Identity Clinic(the supposed centre of excellence)having been on the list since 2004,her first appointment is likely to be December 2007. Fortunately for Jayne she was able with difficulty to raise the funds to be treated privately by Drs Reid and Terry who perfomed her much needed surgery on 10 June at the Leicester Nuffield and is in good health as a consequence and very happy as am I.
Rachel D T Lockwood
Cornholme West Yorkshire

Carrie Anne Bound said...

Dr Reid is a wonderful, kind and intelligent man. He really understands
what makes a Transsexual tick and how best to help them. He really
helped me and I'll be eternally grateful to him.

Carrie Anne Bound
West Midlands

Alison Marian Bound said...

I hope everything goes well and justice is done for you.

Alison M Bound
West Midlands

Sherri said...

Hi Russell,
It’s another of your success stories here. I was so glad to able to see you the day of your retirement and offer my heartfelt thanks for your wonderful care during my transition, (hope you enjoyed the House of Lords scotch). I have continued to go from success to success this last 8 months. I am now confirmed in my job, have so many wonderful and amazing friends there I am sometimes overwhelmed, I am on various forums and advice groups at work and going from strength to strength. I owe you a great deal, I would not be walking this earth and have the happiness I now have without your compassion and understanding. I hope that you are exonerated and that the arrogance of those that have brought these charges is shown for what it is and that they get their just deserts and face a public hearing as to their failings, arrogance and ill treatment of people that need help, compassion and understanding.


PS you were right about Thailand and Dr Suporn, but the results are fabulous, Chris n I both thank you for that advice *grin*

Julia Hayward said...

I can only echo what's already been said - over my time with Russell he not only treated me with the utmost respect and dignity, but also took a personal interest in my progress that went far beyond the call of duty. In my experiences of the medical profession he was truly unique - a beacon of thoughtful caring amonst many who would reduce us to a mechanistic process. I shall always remember those times with fondness.

Julia Hayward, St Neots, Cambs.

Diana Eastment said...

I first sought help from Dr Reid some four years ago. I found him charming and affable, but more importantly I found that here was someone who would listen to what I had to say without jumping to judgements and without seeing me as delusional.

Frankly, I don't know what would have happened to me without Dr Reid. His support and advice enabled me to get through transition and get on with a useful and productive career.

Thank you, Dr Reid, for saving my life.

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely horrified to hear of this action against Dr Reid, he should not be the one called to account it is those at Charing Cross who should be investigated. I am very grateful for his help, his care and even though I did not enjoy it at the time also for his totaly forthright questioning of me and my motives. He did not hold anything back!

He also visited me whilst I was in hospital. If I remember rightly he muttered something about being in the area when I asked him what he was doing there. But it was hardly local and everyone I have known to be one of his patients has a similar tale. I believe he genuinely cared about my well-being, and that of *all* his patients.

Elizabeth Oldham, nee Clarke.

Teresa Fowler said...

Dear Dr Reid

I just wanted to add my voice to the chorus of support, even though there is little I can say that has not already been said.

I am saddened that you should be forced to defend yourself, after all you have done for so many people, including me. However, I am hopeful that sense and justice will prevail and, who knows, maybe some good will result. My greatest wish is that the NHS treatment (I hesitate to call it “care”) of transsexual people should improve as a result of your stand. That would provide a most fitting and permanent tribute to your career as an uniquely gifted, and exceptionally caring, medical practitioner.

With the benefit of hindsight, it is now apparent to me that my real “real life test” consisted of all the years before I met you. From the time of my first consultation with you, all sense of my being “tested” (by whatever quirk of nature made me the way I was) evaporated. You enabled me to become a whole person and make a new start.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you once more. May the rest of your life bring you as much contentment as you have made possible for me and so many like me.

Best regards
Teresa Fowler, Chartered MCIPD (personal) (work)

Beverley Dodd said...

Just a message to wish Dr Reid all the very best in what is clearly a disgraceful action on the part of Charing Cross and the GMC.

I never saw Dr Reid myself but through many friends (including my best pal who transitioned at 22 under Dr Reid in 1992), in conversation, the word sainthood and his name are often spoken in the same sentence.

I wish Dr Reid all the best and for justice to prevail in a world where the GLBT community are winning some battles for equality and justice - but there is still a very long way to go! Strength and unity is as important as ever.

I wish Dr Reid a long and happy retirement when hopefully these 'charges' are thrown out. I must also give praise to Peter Tatchall for his very supportive recent Guardian article.

Every one knows a lot is at stake for us in the UK depending on the outcome of this case. It's a shame to be in this situation in 2006. Even more so in light of the sad recent loss of one of our pioneers, Coccinelle. I'm sure she had hoped that clinical enlightenment and treatment of our medical condition throughout Europe (and everywhere else!) would have moved on so much further than it has since her experiences in 1958...

Beverley Dodd (Wolverhampton)

Joe Swift said...

Dr Reid

You listened to me with compassion and understanding and treated me like the adult I am. I will always be grateful for your support during my transition, especially the way that you respected my timing and my readiness to change my gender.

I believe that by defending this case you are defending our right to make our own choices about our bodies and lives. Thank you.

Joe Swift, London

Anonymous said...

Dr. Reid, I am but a patient of Dr. Curtis, but following your path, he very definitely saved my life, I am sure you saved many lives. What greater reward can a Doctor hope for.
Julia Williamson

Anonymous said...

I also feel saddened to see the GMC attack a caring doctor who put the long term health of his patients first and worked tirelessly to inspire those in society who previously felt misplaced. I feel that one such as Dr. Reid should be honoured, not chastised.

IE Chair said...

Most of those that went to Russell did so because they preferred his approach of empowering his patients to make their own decisions.
It's very sad that a very few who probably did so now want to blame him because THEY made the wrong decisions.
As a former patient myself, I certainly don't remember him railroading me in a direction I didn't want to go; forcing me to take any hormones I didn't need or making me see a surgeon and undergoing surgery!
I DO remember him explaining the process involved and the consequences. I also Russell to be a humane caring individual and an example to others in the medical profession.
As well as chairing a TS charity, I am a qualified counsellor (and counselling supervisor) specialising in gender identity issues and I've dealt with several dozen clients including those of Russell and different GICs. I've seen no evidence that requiring individuals to live in role for a year before hormones or two years RLT makes a significant difference to the incidence of individuals regretting the road they have taken. I HAVE seen more depression amongst patients that have been faced horrendously long waiting times for surgery.
Chair Innner Enigma
PS - Hi to lots of folks on here whose names I recognise from the past few years.

Lisa Fudge said...

From my own experience I can attest to your absolute professionalism. You rightly recognize that intelligent, stable people like me need understanding, compassion and practical help to achieve the changes so ardently desired, rather than having to climb over obstacles. It took me until my fifties to accept myself as transsexual and to decide to pursue what I knew was the right course of action. With your help I was able to transistion successfully and remain in my job as a trainer, which demanded complete self-confidence. I am certain that taking hormones for a year prior to transition helped me considerably. I am now one year post-surgery and am glad that I have taken this step to now become the woman that I always was inside.
I will always be grateful for your support and offer you mine in return. I wish you success in defending yourself against these totally unjust accusations.

Lisa Fudge

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that someone who has helped so many people should be called into question this way, you certainly don't deserve to be treated like this. I just hope that common sense prevails, and the work you have done is fully appreciated by all.

Needless to say I'm greatly indebted to the help and understanding you showed me, that has allowed me to finally live happily and at one with myself.

Wishing you well it what must be a difficult time for you.

Debbie Woods/Moran

Anonymous said...

I wish to add my support for you at this difficult time and I do sincerely hope you are fully cleared from all charges brought against you. You have helped me and so many others to find happiness and a life denied to so many for so long by the NHS.
Very Best Wishes

Alison P (Wiltshire,Nr Bath)

Jillian said...

Hi, As an ex patient of Dr Reid I can only praise his work. I say ex patient as I am now several years post op and finally living a happy life. It was Dr Reid who helped me to get to where I needed to be and for that I am eternally grateful.
He is no fool, he is a warm and very considerate man, he was also the first to try to actually make me think hard about my condition, I decided whether or not I was really transsexual, not Russell. he merely made me consider all aspects and made me think long and hard. I saw Dr Reid for two years before I finally took the steps which would change my life forever. I made the decision to transition and I funded it all myself btw, no NHS here.
I feared the NHS route as I knew that I could not go through years of proving myself to doctors and jumping through hoops at their request, I had done all the proving I needed to do to myself. I didn't need permission to undergo surgery. Its the best thing I ever did, I only wish that the medical profession had helped me in my younger days when I really cried out for help. What they did then almost killed me in later years.
Thank you Russell for saving my Life.

Mish said...

Anonymous said...

Having seen Russell when I was very vunerable and been treat by him with the utmost consideration I can't understand why this person is been hounded by the GMC. They should look closer too home when they wish to find the true people who hurt our community. These people who have thrown stones at Russell should look deep at how they reached there own decisions.

Anonymous said...

I benefitted enormously from Dr Reid's compassion, humanity, understanding and expertise.

He enabled me to transition some 8 years ago at a time when I could see no future for myself if I couldn't access the treatment that, after long consideration, I realised I needed. Dr Reid enabled me to make my own choices as a responsible, informed adult and I took the transition steps I chose at the pace that was right for me. He always treated me with respect and kindness.

Since then I have been happy, have looked forward to my future - something I never did before - and have recently married. I'm living a fulfilled life which I thoroughly enjoy and suspect I might not have been here at all if it hadn't been for Russell Reid.

So, thank you, Dr R. I trust you will be vindicated as you so clearly should be.

Simon C, Teddington

Anonymous said...

I`ve said it all already and everyone else has too. so I will just say a big thank you to Russell. You made my journey so much easier and you`re a lovely man. Best wishes for the GMC hearing, hopefully something good will come out of it all eventually.

Eve Jones said...

I`ve said it all already and everyone else has too. so I will just say a big thank you to Russell. You made my journey so much easier and you`re a lovely man. Best wishes for the GMC hearing, hopefully something good will come out of it all eventually.

Anonymous said...

Hi Russell,

Thank you for being the first person to tell me what I was after a lifetime of confusion - then you flew away and left us all!
Now you're battling the GMC and I (and my lawyer)are battling the NHS...hope we both win.

Rose, Bradford

Anonymous said...

I'd just like to add my little bit of support to the growing wave of support for Russell, without his careing compasionate way of dealing with his patients I have no idea how I would have ended up, certainaly not the well balanced productive member of society that I am now. There was never any pressure from Russell to jump ahead in my treatment infact it was I who made all the choices about when I took all the steps involved. All I can say is that in all my dealings with Russell he has listened and never judged he was always there if you needed him any time.
All my best wishes go to Russell during his troubles, if the GMC have any sense they may actually take a leaf out of his book on how to treat people (trans or not)

Claire (Suffolk)

Paige said...

Thank you Doctor Reid for practicing patient centred care long before the term became a 'buzz word'

You have long provided a safe space for those of us who wished to take responsibility for our own lives.

You are a pioneer, what you started will continue to grow, not least because many of use are working towards that end.

Paige Reeves

Lewis said...

I was treated by you in 1998, at a time when it was particularly difficult to obtain NHS gender identity treatment. I found you to be knowledgeable, sensitive and patient-centred. The latter, after all, being what the NHS is supposed to be.

This approach enables me and many other trans men that I know to make informed choices about their gender identity and live the lives they want as men.

I know that at that time, as a gay trans man, I would not have been able to transition in the way I did. Quite simply put, if I had not been able to access your services I would not be here today.

Thank you for your ground breaking work and for daring to challenge the orthodoxy that still exists in many clinics throughout the UK.

I wish you all the best.

With kind regards

Lewis Payne

Melanie Cherriman said...

Dear Russell

I just thought I would add my voice to the chorus of support for you.

As you know, I’m not one of “yours” but many of my friends are, and I have only ever heard praise spoken of the care and compassion they received from you.

Your methods - patient centred; compassionate; flexible; treating people as capable human beings able to make major decisions regarding their own care - stands head and shoulders above the methods of your accusers - clinician centred; controlling; proscriptive and inflexible; patients have to be protected from themselves at all costs (even to their own mental health).

It is nothing less than risible that other clinicians from the Royal College have used this way to try to negate your positive input into the standards of care they were supposed to be producing. As a result we effectively have a GMC malpractice hearing into a few of your cases deciding the future direction of care for trans people in this country.

I hope that the GMC are aware of the “back story” and how, if they find against you, that decision will taken by your accusers to leverage a longer and harsher regime for trans people, which will inevitably result in greater distress; higher risk of mental health problems and suicides; self medication and self referral for surgery (often abroad with high risk) – for both “true” TS people and potential ‘regretters’. Why can’t they understand that their method is unlikely to “weed out” any more non-transsexual people than yours?

For anyone else reading this, you need to know that (apart from the problems with the Gender Identity Clinics) the quality of care for TS people under the NHS, taken as a whole is appalling. Referral and funding decisions are often based, quite frankly, on policies that are little more than institutional discrimination; waiting lists are long or closed; vital treatments and care are denied on spurious grounds. In order to get decent care, we are entirely dependent on an individual clinician recognising how badly we are treated and taking it upon themselves to learn more and provide the care – even then, NHS Trusts can refuse to fund it. No other group would be treated so badly.

Anyway, Russell, I hope that things at the GMC go well for you. A victory for you is a victory for us all and, more importantly, for those yet to come.

Kind Regards
Melanie Cherriman

Anonymous said...

Dr Reid's approach has always been sympathetic and supportive. He has opened doors to services for me and thus empowered me to become the person that I was born but which society denied. Thank you very much, I have been truly blessed.

SAW, Cheshire

Anonymous said...

I have met so many of the people you have helped, and have seen the efforts you have made in follow up, public debate and the various conferences you have supported. This has all been in the best traditions of the medical profession.

I wish you success in this hearing, and my best wishes,

Revd. David Horton

Julia Greenwood said...

I had to endure both cynicism and ageism when I approached one of the NHS gender clinics in the North of England for help in dealing with my lifelong dilemma. That was in 1993. I was 56 years old, and needless to say, the outcome was utterly negative and left me feeling quite hopeless and worthless.

I then had the good fortune to be introduced to you Russell, and you were my saving grace. Kind, empathetic and understanding. You guided me through the long journey of transition with great care. You enabled me to start to understand my own needs and feelings and left me to decide which road I should follow without any pressure being applied in any direction. Most importantly, you enabled me to progress in such a way that I was able to gradually help my family to understand what this meant to all of us, and how we could deal with it AND STILL KEEP OUR FAMILY TOGETHER. We did have some rocky times in those days, but your counselling helped us to cope with those. My partner and I are still happily together after 44 years and living life to the full, with six grand children who all love their two grannies to bits.

Today, more than eleven years after I became Julia forever, we are living as a close, ordinary family. I take my place in the community and no-one “bats an eyelid”, although everyone knows my background and where I’ve come from.

So thank you Russell. None of this would have happened had it not been for your care, your perception and your professional skills. I dread to think what would have happened if I had tried to pursue my needs through the very organisations which are now out to get you.

Best of luck and more power to your elbow. If only these people would just listen to you, as you listened to all of us. I wish you every good fortune in this case, and look forward to a happy outcome for you.

My kindest regards


Mark's partner, East Midlands said...

Hello Russell.

You gave my partner the help he needed many years ago. Without your help, I'm not sure that he'd still be around. He had your help, and is now the person he always knew he was. Thank you for that. So few words, but they mean a lot. Illegitimi non carborundum.

Mark's partner, East Midlands

Reverend Pauline Overby said...

I am an American transsexual woman. I know the standards of Care and that it is not a law, transsexuals have a identity problem that also leads to a lot of lying. Many want the surgery first and do not worry about what it will be like after. so they pander to every little item to make the Gatekeeper believe they are trans. Some are Bi and curious of what it would be like to have sex as the other gender.

I a very few cases they decide that they wish to go back, it may be family pressure or that the people they used to have sex with do not wish them now.

I only take one very rich and unhappy person to make it Thrugh the system then try to make trouble because they conned the Dr's into granting them hormones and surgery.

I is only done with an informed consent from the patient and the understanding it will change ones life greatly. As to the time it takes, many lie their way Thrugh it.

Reverend Pauline Overby

Anonymous said...

When I first went to Russell in 1990, I was living as a gay man in a long-term relationship with a lesbian.

Needless to say, Charing Cross would not have approved!

Russell treated me as an adult, and always with compassion and respect. To say I'm grateful is an understatement: I owe him my life.

I am now 14 years happily post-op. If you're trans, you'll know how much that means. If not, imagine having been cured of cancer.

Thank you Russell and good luck at the GMC. Personally I like the idea of Sir Russell Reid :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Russell,
It's a long time since we last met, but you might remember me as the strange one from Belgium who *didn't* want to 'change sex'. Funny really, because I was already on hormones prescribed in Belgium when I came to see you. I thought I was a rather extreme transvestite.

Anyway, I'd just like people to know that you never rushed me towards a decision, and when I finally made a decision it was all mine, and mine alone.

And thanks to your help, it was the right one. That was in 1990. I've disappeared into society as boringly ordinary professional woman, and haven't had a single suicidal thought since - magic!

Joan W

Sex And Gender Education (Australia) said...

Sex And Gender Education (SAGE), Australia is an education and campaign group that lobbies for the rights of sex and gender diverse people in Australia.

SAGE wishes to make it publicly known that our members are extremely concerned about the hearing being heard against the psychiatrist and sex, gender and sexuality specialist Dr Russell Reid.

We believe that the complaints have been brought against Dr Reid on the basis that he prescribed hormones too soon to some patients wishing to undergo sex and gender transition and that he may have allowed patients to go forward for sex alteration surgery with only one referral letter.

Our members wish for it to be made known that we do not believe it is appropriate for any psychiatrist to attempt to set themselves up or act as gatekeeper preventing people going forward for sex and gender alteration. We have members in Australia who were previously patients of Dr Reid and found him to be one of the most competent and profoundly compassionate doctors they had ever encountered.

SAGE believes that it is the role of the physician to help people determine their own future and not to act as the sex and gender police or gatekeepers. It is the belief of the members of SAGE that all the complaints against Dr Reid are politically motivated by persons who wish to see psychiatrists as gatekeepers, and should immediately be dismissed without delay.

Jilli Hagerman said...

I am a woman who was born in a male body and lived through hell for 45 years never feeling right, never fitting in with men, never understanding men and never understanding why! I have been on hormones for almost 10 years now. I transitioned my outward appearance over a two year time period until I legally changed my name and two months later began living completely as female in 2003. I had FFS and BA within 3 months because I knew that I was a woman. In looking back over my life I have come to realize that my emotions were suppressed by my parents through etreme measures. They stayed suppressed for many years until I became involved in marital counseling and was told that I couldn't be helped unless I expressed my feelings. I had GID therapy in 2001, it helped me examine my feelings more in depth and when I had the realization that "Nothing can stop me from being feminine inside." That was the turning point for me. The problems I have overcome are: I and my wife have managed to keep our 18 year marriage intact with tremendous love and understanding on both of our parts; I have transitioned at work and except for prejudice from management, things have gone well enough (I live in California so I am somewhat protected by state law); I have my dual letter approving GRS but have been unable to have it due to an injury that resulted in no income for over two years; I am trying day by day to live with the fact that I will be unable to afford GRS anytime in the near future and it is a day to day struggle. I want to thank you even though I don't know you, because of the assistance you have provided to my sisters in our struggle to simply live life as who we are. I hate the fact that war has been declared against you because you showed empathy towards us in our struggle to be free as women. I pray that the real truth comes out in these hearings and the fact that the other side simply wants to continue the subjugation of women by creating an obstacle course that is almost impossible to complete in any kind of a timely and humane manner. May you take warm comfort in our support of your RIGHT and just actions.

Kathleen said...

Dear Russell,

Before consulting you I had been pushed towards suicidal feelings
by double-speak, lies and incredibly disrespectful 'treatment' at
Charing Cross. More worryingly, so had my partner who was not
transsexual but was flabbergasted and distressed by seeing me
being kicked from pillar to post like dirt. My GP, convinced that
a large London teaching hospital must know best, continued the
weird pressure to seemingly make us both jump off the brink.

Then I had the sense to pull away from CX's clutches and come to
see you. From the first minute of talking with you I felt as if I
had exited a chainsaw massacre scenario and was now talking to
God, or at least somebody who understood, who didn't try to
humiliate me or my partner but who said, "I'll be happy to help
where I can although you have to do most of the work" - or words
to that effect. That was all I needed.

As you know, at my own speed I completed transition, had surgery
in '91 and have lived, quite literally, happily ever after. You
didn't only save my life, Russell, you saved my partner from
being inhumaely close to an abyss too. Through your impeccable
advice you also enabled my family to remain together as a tightly
knitted unit, and that's how we remain, with no doubts in our
minds that we all owe you so much.

As a result of all this I was in a position to help many others
via a support group and, using your methodolgy as a beacon, did
so without ever actually telling anyone what to do or how to be.
Thus I can say most certainly, through contact with several
hundred others, that my story is fairly typical and that many
hundreds of people really do owe their lives to you.

There's still more. By rewriting medical parts of our
publications, which even now are still available on the web, and
hence ensuring that the medical information we gave out was
accurate, you have hugely helped thousands more who you've never
even heard of; helped them to learn what options are available
despite the half truths too ofted meted out in so-called gender
identity clinics. And then we come to the thousands more you have
helped through your television appearances explaining what we are
really about.

During all these years what have Charing Cross "GIC" done for
people like us?

It would be easy to get all sentimental at this point. I'd prefer to just say kia ora Russell, bless you, and thanks for being not just a consultant but a mentor and somebody we could speak to as honestly as we could speak to any friend. That last point is
probably the most important.

Anonymous said...

I am yet another of your many countless happy ex clients. I have nothing but complete respect and gratitude for the real patient centered care you gave me. With you I could be truely honest. Thank you.

At the same time I am also an ex patient of charing X and I really believe they were worse than second rate in their treatment of me. In no way did they give me an adequate service.

This case is upside down.

Zoe (deep in head cold country)

French Connection said...

The case is all about the standards of care. Namely how high the bar should be set for Hormones & Surgery. I found that you facilitated my transition without placing any obstacles in my way. Had I had to wait for hormones my transition would not have gone so smoothly but are the obstacles needed as a test to rule out the misguided?

Mel said...

Ships that pass in the night...
I never had the opportunity to pursue treatment with you, Doctor Reid, but I was at least able to attend your presentation at the UEA in 2003.
Your presentation was a welcome relief from the intensity of discussing procedures for the treatment of gender identity disorder, and related matters. You left me with the impression of a compassionate dispassionate physician, a model that I hope the late Harry Benjamin would have approved of.
I hope the outcome of the current proceedings will be favourable to you and that the law will not once more, be seen to be an ass.

Sarah N said...

Dear Dr Reid,

Our thoughts are all with you at this difficult time, and we hope the marvellous and often life-saving work you have done will be vindicated in the end. You deserve nothing less.

With your help I transitioned some ten years ago, and have led a happy, healthy, and productive life ever since. You were there for me with a smile, with understanding, and with compassion at a very difficult time in my life, and you helped me understand what I was facing and that there was light at the end of the tunnel.

It's a disgrace, and so terribly unfair, that you are being treated like this. You have been nothing but professional, caring, and compassionate.

God bless,


Jenni Peters said...

We have never met but many of my friends have said good things about you. I offer my support in this, your difficult time.

Catherine said...

I have never met you as you retired before i started my journey, but i still cross my fingers for a positive outcome!

Anonymous said...

I would like to add my hopes and wishes for your exoneration to those others who have posted here. Regretably the cretins who have started this process have no feelings or empathy for those in their care, unlike yourself who has shown myself, and hundreds more that you care what sort of lives we live.

You gave me the help and support that I needed and that enabled me to go on and be a success in my life. Which is more than can be said for those who are accusing you because they are jealous of your success.

I wish you nothing but the best and send you all the moral support that I am capable of.

Elizabeth Higgins

Anonymous said...

I was a patient of DR Reid's over 10 years ago. I found him to be extremly professional, and by no means a push over, ie- he always new if I was not telling him the whole truth......

I feel that because I was a patient of Dr Reid's I went through my transition not feeling alone, I felt that he was always available to talk on the telephone if I was haveing "difficulties". And compared with my life before the transition, My life is wonderful now.
I am a 42 year old Woman, who has a husband who loves me very much.

I am a confident person. A person who, I feel, has a contribution to society. And I feel that Dr R. Reid helped me reach a place that I am happy with, very happy with thank you very much.

M.K , Manchester

Cindy Jones, Blackpool said...

When I decided to make an appointment with you I was concerned that the way I dressed and what I said would influence your decision. I thought it over for several days, but I discovered that you were more interested in my background, personality and mental state.

You were very careful to spend time listening to me and explaining the consequences of continuing on the path I was seeking to follow.

You helped me by giving me the information I needed to make the choice I had come to. Your professionalism removed my concerns that I would too easily influence you by superficial behaviour and details.

Thank you so much for your help, enjoy a happy and long retirement.

Cindy XXX

Anonymous said...

Dear Russell

Just read about the case in today's Guardian on-line.

Lots of hugs from Jacko and Michael.


Jayne Strutt said...

Just to make another point in addition and in conjunction with my previous comments. Dr. Reid was the only professional I could turn to for much needed after-care a few years ago. No one else wanted to know!

He provided me with a much needed change of medication unavailable by any other legitimate means. How releived was I that he was there for me post operatively!

Whst I have now is not Utopia Sorry, nothing ever is! but things are so much better!

Just to add one further comment

Thanks and best wishes Dr. Reid.

Anonymous said...

As a young person in the NHS system I found that, although the professional I saw committed to paper her belief that I would not change my mind about transitioning, I was not openly offered endocinological support early on. I saw you with my parent a couple of months before I was due to see the paediatric endocrinologist. You looked holistically at my life situation and decided that although it would be appropriate for me to start cross sex hormones, it would be courteous as a professional to wait until I had attended my pending appointment. As a post-pubertal 17 year old, I was offered hormone suppressants. I felt this was a way avoiding making a decision so that I would be out of their hands and into the adult services. I refused hormone suppressants as I did not wish to increase my risk of osteoporosis. I returned to you to receive appropriate and humane treatment, which I had thought through carefully since the age of 13. And, as all those who know me will confirm, I know my own mind! Any delay in receiving hormones after that point in my life would have compounded the effects on my education and subsequently my employability. You provided a service that enabled me to keep my life together. The NHS was not prepared to do this, or perhaps more of a case of not allowing their employees to act in the way they judge to be most appropriate for individuals, for fear of others' disapproval.

Belinda S. Plymouth said...

Thankyou Dr.R. Reid.
For Helping make my life start again and allowing me to be myself.

If it was not for you I would not been able to go for G.R.S. which has changed my life with new found conferdence.

I have been back 2 collage took my g.c.s.e maths and passed.
Got promation at work and now able to get on with my carer.

And life seems to be gettig better and better.

Thanks again and good luck and best wishies for now and the years to come.

marie said...

Dear Russel ,I am saddened to hear your hardships.You started me on the right track and have given me great help and support i needed.Without your help I dont know where i would be now .You are so kind ,compasionate and understanding .People like you deserve respect .Take care

Anonymous said...

I am currently a patient at the Laurels in Devon. My Psychologist was associated with Dr. Reid in the past and believes him to be the best.

Best wishes,


CM, Hampshire said...

I was never one of your patients - but I wish I had been.

Kay Meddings said...

I was a patient of Russell Reid from 1999 to 2002, when because I was in financial difficulties I went to Charing Cross.

He was unfailingly courteous, subtly probing, and was particularly good at "leading out " the patient.

It would have been possible to niavely assume he was accepting everything that was said.... gradual changes in his language , information giving and questions over an extended period showed that although he was apparently just nodding and smiling there was a great deal going on behind the friendly mask.

When I went to CXH I found that the clinical staff were fine, despite their truly dreadful reputation, but the administration was appalling; as well as being famously inefficient and tardy they( the admin side) are often initially hostile and rude when one does finally manage to get through to them.

Ironically the clinicians asked me far less questions, and much less probing questions, than RR had done. Having seen both set-ups I would argue that RR's methods were more effective at weeding out those who had other, TS mimicking conditions, than CXH's were..

Kay Meddings ( post op ME to IF TS, December 2006)

Anonymous said...

Before seeing you I was desperate and hopeless. After you facilitated my transition I no longer recognise that person.I owe you everything.The GMC don't know what we know.. or choose not to see.We are right behind you Russell.

Dr Al Pritchard said...

We as an organisation fully support Dr Reid it is about time there were more professionals like him around in stead of being in the dark ages like most professionals are at this time he should be prasied not Persecuted he should be allowed to keep up the good work he has done all the best and you should not be in this situation it is only because of the morrons at the hell hole you are

Catherine Wilson said...

I attended Charing Cross Hospital for three years, I was only given an appointment every six months and was then treated almost with contempt, Don Montgomery seemed more interested in his own private patients. This was from 1988 to 1991. I was becomimg increasingly depressed and Charing Cross did not seem to care.
I was fortunate enough for my company to fund private consultations with Dr Reid, his treatment of me was always professional and caring, totally different to Charing Cross.
I had gender surgery in 1993 and it was and still is the best decision I have ever made. I feel Dr Reid is being victimised by Charing Cross because of their incompetence which his patient centred approach highlighted.
I will always be grateful to Russell, he saved my life.
Thank you Russell, from the bottom of my heart
Catherine Wilson.

paula Brough-Heinzman said...

In my own personal experience, some at Charing Cross would do better to attend to their own house. Doctor Reid provided effective treatment for me when they failed bady to maintain the most fundamental priciples of medicine, let alone the standards they now accuse him of breaching.
I am no longer afraid to be identified, indeed thanks in part to the excellent and entirely proper professional help I was fortunate to recieve from Dr Russell Reid, there are a good many things of which I am no longer afraid.
Thankyou and God bless you, Doctor.
Paula Brough-Heinzman, (Lancashire, England)

Michelle W said...

Dear Dr Reid.

As an ex patient, I think it is scandalous that your reward for providing such an effective, selfless and professional service, to so many sufferers of gender dysphoria over so many years is a GMC enquiry.

When I first sought your help I was in a state of utter desperation and despair, and can offer nothing but praise for your humanity and warmth, that enabled me to come to terms with my situation, and be honest and open with you.

Your experience, professionalism, guidance and honesty helped smooth the rocky path of transition, that has enabled me to achieve the happy and fulfilled existence I enjoy today, in stark contrast to having been forced to live in a state of total distress and turmoil prior to treatment.

I find it ironic given the behaviour of several Charing Cross Psychiatrists towards you, that when I saw a Senior Psychiatrist from that establishment for my second referral for SRS several years ago; after he had stated that I was good candidate for surgery, he commented further that "I was well prepared", and that "Russell's patients usually are".

My only hope is that this fiasco which is only motivated by professional jealousy, provides you with a favourable outcome.


Michelle W (Surrey)

Misha B. said...

As a US citizen, and sorority with many sisters of a special Southeastern Thai surgeon, I have heard numerous comments from UK transwomen regarding the abhorrent, and I feel inhumane, TX offered (or withheld) by the NHS, and, in contrast, stories of the cherished TX by one Dr Russell Reid. My heart goes out to those unable, or uninformed, to seek private counsel by professionals with a heart like Dr Reid.
The gender specialist I chose also offered me the opportunity to skip parts of HBIGDA-SOC, where such advancements were both appropriate to my experience and necessary to my life situation. My life as an out-transwoman in a professional medical setting is blossoming, for these compassionate adjustments of a flexible system of TX, I will be eternally grateful.
Neither nature nor society’s rules can ever, by necessity, be perfect. When a professional, membership, feeling pressure by an ill informed public, demands strict adherence by those seeking help to dogmatic policies where humans, already damaged by inhumane social mores, are further damaged…punished for not meeting arbitrary measures of behavior, a compassionate society needs to examine the motivation behind the dogma.
The dissemination of scientific knowledge around both the social and natural origins of gender, including the evidence of the requirement for variations in the genetic process for the existence of everything on the planet, will be necessary to public understanding of our existence. I hope that this examination will serve as the vehicle for further public and academic understanding, redemption of Dr Reid’s reputation, and for the renunciation and restructuring of the strict dogma of the NHS.
All my thoughts are with my UK sisters in need, and with the great pioneer Dr Reid.
Misha B.
Tacoma, Wa, USA

Anonymous said...

I have read with interest the comments left. It is quite obvious that he has helped many reach their goals. It must be appreciated that not all have undergone successful psychiatric analysis prior to hormone treatment. Consider the fact that some people undergo such severe psychotic expisodes that they truly believe this is the best path for them. Only to find themselves in mental institutions down the line. The Duty of Care is there for such a reason. So isn't is surely time to spare a thought for those who have felt the need to complain?

Anonymous said...

I am concerned that matters are being muddied. There are a great many of Russell's patients who are living happy, successful lives because of his services. I am one of them. I would not be here or be able to work if he had not been able to help me - if I had have waited for Charing Cross under their long waiting system and inflexible approach, I would have been off work for months or years, or just not existed. There is a balance and perspective obviously not clear to doctors at Charing Cross. No Health professional can ever guarantee 100% success rate or 0 complaints -noone is perfect, and this is NOT a judgement on Russell, merely a perspective. I am a Health Professional myself and know what I am talking about.
In the case of the Paedophile who was treated - why is the fact that he is known to be a Paedophile somehow linked by the press as someone who should not have been treated. Every person is entitled to Health care if they need it whatever they have done - would he be refused treatment for cancer?His reason for wanting the change is the issue and not necessarily anything to do with sex. This is a gender thing, as the Press seem to forget.
In other cases, if people lie to health professionals, it is not easy to check them out. There is no private detective agency.
My thanks, once again, to Russell for his services and genuine care and support.

Anonymous said...

haveing sat in the hearing for 3 days . I hurd the most of the charges and the prosiqusion points and Even before hearing your defence council ( who is very eliquent) point out that you were do no more than they do . I got the feeling there is some perfetional jelusy from the 2 Dr's I hurd and as for the pasiants I can't see that they would have done anything diferant . Is 5 bad case's in (ithink i hurd the figer of ) 3000 really any worse a posentage then any other treatment in any field. would love to say more.
but as for me I was referd to you by Dr Okeaf so had not hurd about you before meating you. You saved my life and self respect .
and as I came to see at the hearing if i had gone NHS I think i would have been one of the one Dr Green put it "we are aware of as being Gender Disphoric but do not present as female so do not recormend for treatment.
all the best crissy

ps were was Batty when the defence was hurd ,no were in sight . reporters hu!!!

Anonymous said...

I wonder how hard it would be to find a group of disruntaled girls who went through the NHS system . i bet we come come up with a lot more than 5

Jayne said...

Hi Russell,

you helped my friend and You did good by her and she has never been happier.

As for me, I go in to see Mr Thomas in two weeks. Where would we be if we did not have folks like you to help us.

Thanks for helping my friend, shame I was too late to meet you too.

Good luck,

Helen G said...

I was only diagnosed as gender dysphoric in mid-October (4 days ago at the time of posting this) and I wish Dr Reid and his advisors the best of luck and sincerely hope they have a successful outcome, for the sake of the health and well-being of all us pre-op TSs, no matter how far along our paths we may be.

Claire Ashton said...

Hi Russell,
I really do not know what would have happened to me had your very kind words, your painstaking delving into my background and your thoughtful treatment decisions not been there when I needed them.
I owe you so much, I owe you my life.

Claire Ashton (Shrewsbury, Shropshire)

Anonymous said...

Dear Russell

There is a special person in my life whose life you undoubtedly helped to save. You were always professional but still polite and friendly, and treated her with decency and respect. If we'd continued down the NHS route I doubt she would have survived to be as bright a light as she is today. Very many heartfelt thanks, and may the Best Man win to enjoy his retirement with his good name intact. Bless you.

Anonymous said...

The only humane practitioner in a field which objectifies, fetishises, erases and abuses trans people. Down with the Harry Benjamin alleged 'Standards of Care' (what a joke!) and up with trans health practitioners, like Reid, who put the needs of trans people first.
- Joshua Bailey, Manchester

Deana said...

It was with some dismay that I read that it was the very person you held up to be an inspiration to help me get through my situation, who is one of those fighting against you (you handed me a copy of her book). The fact that you are being 'peer reviewed' doesn't concern me quite so much as I see this as being more about 'post-RR T treatment' than about you as a clinician per se. Bottom line for me is that the NHS wouldn't help me due to lack of services. When I came to see you, it was the last chance that I was giving anyone to help me. Without you and your compassion, I'm not sure that I would be here today, let alone getting on with a successful career, with a lovely girlfriend, and surrounded by family and friends who I adhore. Nothing I can say from here will make any difference to what is happening in London, but I'll still say a warm thank you to you personally, and let everyone else know that I am extremely grateful we met.

Deana (Newcastle)

Anonymous said...

I just want to say that without the work and help from Dr Reid, at the time I needed it most, I doubt I would have held my family together in the way I did throughout my transition. My children have benefitted from the manner and result of my transition and I have become a full and happy person with all the love and support I could wish for.


Jessica Cole said...

Dr. Reid, I wish to offer you my unreserved support during this difficult time. When I came to you some years ago I had been on unsupervised hormones for some time. Having properly diagnosed me you got me back on track, which resulted in me being post grs, employed, in a relationship and happy today. Thank you. Nil Illigitimo....... Without your professonalism, wisdom and compassion many of us wouldn't be here now.

Robin said...

I strongly support your right to practice as a private psychiatrist, Dr Reid, and feel disgusted that the psychiatric staff from The Claybrook centre are trying to bully you out of a job, and monopolise gender identity services in the UK.

Maybe you have been in breach of the Harry Benjamin guidelines, but in good faith, and trusting in your service users. The Claybrrok centre fails us time and time again, and yet they are considered good enough to take you to court.

When I saw you I had my reservations, as regards private practice. You treated me with care, respect, and dignity. And you were a nice human being, good to chat to!

I hope you win this case. Trans people deserve so much more than they get from the NHS at the moment.

Best of luck Dr Reid.

Robin Bray

Best of luck Dr Reid.

Anonymous said...

Dear Russell.

I was your patient at Charring Cross back in 84 and was part of the TV/TS support group UK at French Place. These days I live the same life as any other woman in society and I keep my past to myself. I have disclosed my past to no-one and had nothing to do with any other TS women in over 20 years. So taking this risk to write in support of you is very hard and rather risky for me. That should give you and anyone reading this some measure of the esteem in which I hold you. I am not the only one.

It saddens me greatly to see that your detractors have been able to blame the poor choices they made on one such as you. One who cares so much. I am amazed to see other professionals in your field taken in and decieved by them.

I am one of those who before they arrived at your tiny consulting room door in Charring Cross, could so easily have ended up on life's scrap heap. I didn't, and that is in no small way due to you and your professional care. Instead I am a useful member of society and not an encumberance or a burdon to society.

Few understand Gender Dysphoria and it's effect on those who suffer it's ravages on every aspect of your life the way you do. It seems to me that so many in the medical profession see their role as preventing transition, when what is really needed is understanding, help and support to make transition successful.

I recall our first conversation at my first consultation with you and the searching questions you asked. I fail to see how they could be interpreted as malpractice in any way shape or form. You encouraged me to be very sure that I answered honestly. It was done with such kindness and care, something for which I will always be grateful.

You saved my life Russell, in the most literal sense possible.

I regret that I have to keep my identity secret. You may know who I am from this; I was a very close friend of Vic the co-ordinator at French Place, Shoreditch.

My heartfelt best wishes

jenny851 said...

i hope it all gos well for you russell. it must be nerve racking for you. i could not go down the private route.but if i could.i would be glad to have an understanding person on my case.just wishing you are in my thoughts....jenny melville

JH, Sussex Nuffield said...

Even though I was not a patient of Dr. Reid, I received a call from him whilst in hospital asking me how I was. At that time of loneliness, his was a welcome and caring voice.

Claire Rule said... made my life better in so many ways I find it hard to put into words.
With the delays put in place by the NHS I would still be waiting-I am now four months post-op,and count the day I walked through your door as my re-birth.
Allthough I had allready been living full-time in my chosen gender for nine months,and had been self medicating for twelve months I was still facing a twelve month wait for even a blood test,you were there for me and helped my GP with the information needed to keep me on the right track before I went off the rails.
That alone may well have saved my life-it certainly saved my sanity.
It was the Doctor employed at the Leicester GIC(working privatly)that finally pushed me into having my surgery in Bangkok by post-dating my second referal for seven months(to force me into a full two years RLT)when I knew deep down inside that I was ready.

Thank you for your understanding and support when others seemed to have none to give.

Claire Rule (Leicester)

Anonymous said...

tut tut so my message wasn't positive enough. I thought RR wanted to hear both positive and negative comments. Shame on you for not being representative. You need to realise that this is not a personal attack on a minority group but an attack on an individual who broke the code of conduct for the minority of his patients. See sense.

Alison said...

I transitioned under Dr Reid's supervision 5 year ago. Today I continue to work in the teaching profession and am happily married to a wonderful man. Without Dr Reid this would never have happened. He is the consummate professional, who lacks the arrogance and conceitedness of others I have met working in the same field. His visionary approach of individualising and personalising treatment, allowed us to work around timescales dictated by my demanding profession. He inspired me with confidence, trust and self-worth, while feeling I had some control over my future. Dr Reid gave me back my life, for which I am eternally grateful.

A O'Kane (Harrow)

Gill Dalton said...

I lived and worked, as pre-op, in transition and post-op in Thailand where I followed all the advice of the Thai medical profession. Advice that gave me a large amount of control of my own destiny. It strikes me that this is what Russell was trying to do with his own patients instead of the dictatorial regime in places like Charing Cross. We are all individual, we all have different needs and should be treated accordingly. This, as I said, is what I feel Russell was doing and is now being hounded for treating us as rational, intelligent human beings. A sad indication of the medical profession in general I feel.
Gill Dalton

Rikki said...

I am currently going through the log and arduous process of working with the Leeds GIC. In 2002/3 when I really needed help as I came out very publicly as a quite high profile figure, the NHS was not there for me. They were totally inaccessible (the (Leeds Clinic was closed to new patients) My GP, though extremely helpful, was inexperienced in dealing with gender issues and the NHS process and found herself underpressure to cease the treatment she had offered because I had not managed to see a psychiatrist.

It was at this stage that I came to see you and finally found the medical support I desparately needed. In the space of a few months following that meeting I was able to change all my identity documents and satisfy my GP that the treatment she was offering was supported. I really do not know what I would have done without that support because it was another two years before I was able to access any support from the NHS. Even now at every one of the meetings (most oof which seem a total waste of time) I am given the constant inpression that I am somehow delusional and must prove myself - despite the fact that I have lived very publically as a woman for four years.

You treated me professionally and respected who I am in my acquired gender. The NHS treat me as someone who is mentally distusturbed and seem to be constantly questioning my decision to transition as if I am incapable of making such a decision without their help.

Thank you for you support and I wish you all success in dealing with this difficult assult from the Charing Cross mafia.

Rikki Arundel

KH, Midlands said...

I'd like to wish Dr Reid all the best for the GMC hearings.

As a former patient, I can attest that he was the nicest and kindest person to help me at a time of need, it was a refreshing change.

I've since moved on from then, and have him to thank for my being able to carry on, as his help when I first started out on this path was invaluable.

Good luck,


Sarah Astin said...

I would give 100% of my support to Dr Russell Reid, the help he has given the trans community is unparralled. In my opinion it is unjust & wrong to bring these charges against Dr Reid. Rather it should be the likes of Green, Montgomery & Barratt from the GIC at Charing X up before a tribunal.
Russell, i am at your service should you require any chacter witness or statements if it can help your case.

Tiff. Norwich said...

As a young transsexual woman in the late 80's; Dr Russell Reid gave me hope when I had none. He allowed me to understand the condition of transsexuality and to overcome it. He always treated me with patience and respected my views.
In his wisdom, he allowed me the space to make an informed decision that led to me having sex change surgery and then on to a fulfilling life that I did not think was possible.
When the history of transsexual treatment is finally recorded, in contrast to the petty jobsworths at Charring X, Russell will be remembered as one of the very few enlightened Dr's in this field, and the model for all future consultants.
He was a visionary, and like all men ahead of their time he is being hounded by the jealousy and ignorance of his less able peers. Shame on you!

Rosalind Mitchell (formerly of Bristol, now of Walney, Cumbria) said...

Hello Russell! Remember me?

Do you rememember how I once told you that my experience had been like emerging into the light from a long, dark, tunnel? Do you remember saying that to go through the experience I went through, one needed a thick skin and a strong personality?

It was a rough ride there in the dark, and there were those - not least some in the trans community - who gave me little chance of making it through to the other side. But you were my light and my guide in that tunnel, and you saw me safely through to the other side where I have confounded the doubters and thrived as my true self.

Russell, know that what light I have to offer is there to light you through your own darkness. May your skin be thick and may your personality be strong - I know it is - and may you grow yet further in stature through the experience.

hollyamis said...

Dear Dr Reid,
Having only briefly met at a seminar held at the Trans-Sparkle event in Manchester last year 2005 i can only comment from my own trans-experiences of following the NHS route to GRS. However, having no option but to attend the GIC at Charring Cross for the past 2 years or so in order to gain my approval letter. I am in no doubt that without the Private Service provision offered by the likes of your goodself, many of those seeking to fulfill their desire to fully transition would be left with no option but put their future in the hands of the current uncaring bureaucratic regime we sadly come to know as the Charring Cross gender identity clinic (GIC). An organisation incapable of showing any personal concern for its client base, instead, it continues to apply an ill-conceived and overly-regimented protocol at the detriment to the psychological well-being of its patients. It is quite apparent that this legal stance taken by Charring Cross against Dr Reid is merely a minipulative ploy to redirect attention away from those really to blame for the short-comings of a totally inadaquate health service which sees their main priority as keeping the burgeoning trans-community in-check, rather than ameliorate the efficacy of their woefully inadequate service to ultimately benefit those in greatest need of suitable and appropriate medical care. i would thus like to finish with words of praise for Dr Reid, whom at least has the courage to help make a difference in our bigoted bi-gendered society.

Best regards,

Miss Holly T. Amis (Trans-ambassodress)

Anonymous said...

I never visited Dr Reid as I never hame come to a conclusion if I wanted to start on the road to permenantly transition. However I have heard wonderful things about him from friends who did visit and did fully transition or found their own level of transition with his help.
It was immensely important to me in my years of doubt as to wether I wished to transition to know that all I had to do was pick up the phone and I could make an appointment to see someone who would listen and could help based on his experience and knowledge of transexualiism.
After all these years of consideration I didnt need to see someone who would tell me I didnt know my own mind and to come back in x months and they would think about it

Anonymous said...

Like a lot of your patients Dr Reid, you treated me with respect and humanity at a time when I was confused and my morale was at its lowest ebb. I decided to consult you because of all the horror stories that I had heard from friends attending the CX clinic.
If I had to choose again between having treatment on the NHS and having treatment privately, I would choose the private route, no matter how desperate I was for the money, if it meant that I was treated by someone with as much empathy as you.

Sarah Brown said...

Russell, I only ever met you for 30 seconds in the waiting room at Earl's Court - I'm one of Richard's patients, but you have made a wonderful thing possible for so many, and have provided an inspirational example as to how healthcare for transpeople should be done. Clearly there are those within the medical community who see your patient-centred approach as a threat, and it is my sincerest hope that if any good at all comes from this travesty, it will be that it marks the beginning of the end for those dinosaurs.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't treated by Dr Russel Reid although I did see him for thirty minutes to assist in my application for GRS/BC.

What a nice guy and a gentleman - cx staff were truly awful!

Rachel Carne

Anonymous said...

Dr Reid ,

I have no idea where I would be now without you, at the moment I am 6 weeks away from surgery with Dr Suporn , had you not been there, I would be no doubt another one in a mile long waiting list for the NHS, and a 2nd rate, over budget and under funded service.

You were spot on with me, put me under no disillusion of the dangers and trials ahead of me on this path and I thank you.

My life is so much better and happier now and I am a short way away from the final step of this part of my journey , and I have you to thank for a large part of that.

Had you still been practising, I would have no concern of pointing others, just starting out, lost girls , in your direction, for your down to earth, honest opinions and common sense approach to this condition. I miss the banter I had with you too, and the way your appointments 'slipped' because you took the extra time to care, it was always a pleasure.

From one old soldier to another, don't let the b'stards grind you down and keep smiling Russell x good luck, and thank you again.

Lisa H.

Anonymous said...


Shame on these people. I often wondered if all the stories I heard about CX could possibly be true. This witch hunt has made me realise that not only are the stories no doubt true but that, that establishment is undeniably populated with base people who should have no part in the care of others at all, let alone such vulnerable members of society as TS people.

Dr Russell Reid is a very respected medical practioner whose work is seen by most TS people as being best practice here in the u.k. This slur and attempt to dredge up whatever dirt they can find on the part of CX smacks of proffesional jealousy.

I call on the GMC to exonerate this man of all charges.

What a travesty it is, that this man who has done so much for the care and help of TS people is on trial.

Truly it is a topsy turvey world we live in.

Good Luck Dr Reid. I truly hope that the GMC will do the right thing. Really they should throw this out right now in my opinion!!!

I have to say I too thought about Magnus in regard to this matter. Don't be swayed by the bad people Dr Reid, keep doing the right thing.

Take care and my very best wishes both for now and the future.

Janett Scott said...

On behalf of myself and my members, plus all those that you have helped find their true inner selves. We have, you and I, done many programmes together over the years, and you have always had my respect and affection, though I have never called on your services, I have always shown others how to reach you.
What ever happens now, the plight of many transsexuals, will now always be more difficult, and stressfull, because of a few disgruntaled failures, from the thousands you have helped make a new life.
As alawys Russell, my love to you and in your future.

Janett Scott,
President Beaumont Society.

Anonymous said...

It is 5 years since my first consultation with you. With your help I was able to start sorting out my identity problems and, in due course, I went to Dr.Preecha, in Thailand, to finish the job.

I can honestly say that I am now truly happy and content, with a very busy social life in the community. I'm in a stable relationship sharing a house with a dear friend and, although now over 70, I look forward to enjoying the next 30 years.

I have so much to thank you for, Russell. You understood what my problem was and enabled me to understand it as well. You helped me on the path to the happiness I now feel. If only there were more like you.

I wish you all the very best for the years ahead.

O.McD. Cornwall

Nikkileah said...

Russell provided me with caring support and a supportive ear when I *really* needed it. He helped set me on my way to living a happier and better quality of life.
I sincerely hope the charges brought against him are dismissed.

lynda sheridan said...

hi im lynda sheridan, pro. transgender equality network ireland.i am a post op woman, and describe myself as just a woman.
i dont say that i had a sex change as i was already a female, but my biology was wrtong, people like doctor reid , should be supported by all in all countries, that have
an understanding of us, this witch hunt could set a dangerous precedeant, for us in Ireland as we are still so far behind britan and out laws closely follow the uk.
i firmly believe in the two year rule ,before surgery, and the three to six months rule before hormones are prescribed. some i know are ready earlier, but still the basic rules should apply, Dr reid is from what i hear a fine careing human being and trans people dont have enough medical people such as him, try living in the republic o ireland ,and you will know what neglect of trans people is. goood luck dr.reid and god bless you
many thanks aaw.Lynda sheridan email 0857442697 0035318734932.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr Reid,

Thank you for giving so many years of your life to helping people like me. Without you, I know many people who would not now be with us, having taken their own lives.

What is happening to you is a disgrace, but it does not lessen or undo all the good that you have done over the years.

Jasmin said...

Hello Russell.

Apologies for a late posting but I have been away on business. I find this disgraceful charade of a hearing an insult to 'justice'.

From being a confused and unhappy individual fifteen years ago, I am now a happily married and successful woman- all of this I owe to you and I will not forget it. Nor will I forget that you treated me as a sane individual and an intellectual equal.

With my love and best wishes


Sarah_Heleneuk said...

Hi Russell ..

As one of your many patients .. I can only thank you for taking me on as a patient and setting me free to live my life rather than just survive my life as I did for 49 years.

If proper justice is to be served I am sure you have nothing to worry about. I have nothing but respect for you for how you responded to my initial approach, and how you assisted my GP when I had problem 6 months into my treatment ..

Love, respect and best regards ..

Sarah H Gosling.

Anonymous said...

I first consulted Dr Reid in May 2005, after having thought about what to do for some time. He read my brief history, asked a number of questions and explained the HB guidelines thoroughly. He referred me for three months counselling with a psychologist, which I did, and only then offered to prescribe hormone treatment at the next meeting in August 2005. I saw him twice more before he retired. I found Russell to be thorough, knowlegable and genuinely concerned to 'get it right' so that I got the outcome that was right for me (or, more generally, right for the client, which is not neccessarily the outcome that the client actually wants at the time). Now, after just over a year on hormones, and six months into the real life experience, I am still convinced that I have made the right choices, and very grateful for the help and support that I received from Russell Reid.

Gabrielle Stevens (West London)

Lucy Coleman said...

Sadly you had retired by the time I sought professional help but I know several girls who sought your care, and without exception they speak very highly of the care and consideration they received from you. Hopefully our paths will cross one day. I wish every success at your hearing which seems to be totally unjustified.

Best wishes

Lucy Coleman

Jenni Brown said...

I can only post a section from a page on my website.

"Doctor Reid though gave me back my life. I saw him at a time when I was struggling to accept the diagnosis and its consequences, this struggle not only having a very profound detrimental affect on me but also my wife and my marriage. Doctor Reid agreed with the previous three others, I was born with Gender Dysphoria and I was a primary transsexual person. In the brief period he undertook responsibility for managing my care, including prescribing hormones (in strict accordance with HB Standards of care guidelines), he gave me back dignity. It was Doctor Reid more than anyone who convinced me I was not mad, not bad, not sad, just someone suffering with a medical condition, a condition that needed treating in an internationally agreed prescribed way and treatment I could undertake with dignity.

God bless you Doctor Reid, from your very grateful patient Jenni Brown

Victoria Mullen said...

Dr. Reid saw me originally in the 1980s and again in 2003 when I was losing control of my condition. I live in Ireland and could find no one here to treat me at that time. Despite this Dr. Reid saw me again and helped me tremondously with acceptance of who and what I am. He also met with my wife and I together and helped her reach a better understading of what transsexuals go through.

I am now 4 months post op and have never been better. I found Dr. Reid to be highly professional and helpful and thank him sincerly for the guidance he has offered me.

Best Wishes,

Victoria Mullen (Ireland)

Anonymous said...

You have seen me only 4 times, and I 've been receiving hormones since. Your flexible approach has enabled me to immensely improved my life.

Edwina xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Russell,

Goodness only knows what the outcome of this sordid mess will be. I'm afraid I have little faith in legal processes where TS issues are concerned. But we, your patients, know what you have done for us. There are many, many of us who simply don't know what we would have done without you. I note that several of the posters here have very deliberately used the phrase, "saved my life." You have been that important to us. I hope that, whatever the outcome, you will be able to take that knowledge with you.

Cheryl (San Francisco)

emma-claire said...

I realy wish Dr Reed was still practicing as ihave been on the nhs list for4 years and getting no were fast

perpetual law student said...

Dr Reid,

IT is with sadness that i read of your situation in the UK.

Here in Australia there has also been legal dispute over treatment at the Monash Gender Clinic.

Those that assist people with transsexualism (also known as Harry Benjamin Syndrome) are few and suffer associated stigmatism for treating people with HBS with dignity,

I affirmed my male identity in australia where a visit to the gp was sufficeint assessment for access to androgen treatment,

prior to that i had been subjected to all sorts of female hormones without any sort of assessment of my sex identity at all.

treating humans with dignity and listening to what the patient says are criticial to assessment, being honest as a patient also is critical.

Dr's are not mind readers and people need to take responsibility for their actions.

I wish you well and thankyou for all the help you have provided to my fellow travellers on this life journey that transsexualism entails.

Guy Faulk
Men's Australian Network

Anonymous said...

Having only just started on the road to transitioning, I sadly haven't been under Dr Reid's care. That said, the stories here, and the seer number of them, prove he is a well known, well loved, and well respected practicioner.
There are a lot of T* people who do not have access to the right kind of care, be it medical or psychological. Sadly a number of these end up comitting suicide. Therefore when people say Dr Reid saves lives, I'd consider this to be true.
Saving lives is what a doctor spends their professional life doing. True he's not a top surgeon, but if what Dr Reid does and has done in the past has saved lives, how can the GMC stop him from practicing, when all he has done is his job.

Alex Whinnom said...

Russell - I have never been a patient of yours although we have met. Just want to say you have my full support and I sincerely hope all allegations will be dropped. I am myself a trans man, who changed over more than 30 years ago; I have been very active supporting others in the FTM Network and in Press for Change. You were for so many people for so long the only ray of hope in a hopeless situation, a live-saver (literally) for some of them, and just as importantly you helped us to feel that for the first time in our lives, we could make our own decisions. All trans people come from a position of having had our thoughts, feelings and identity systematically denied and ignored for our entire lives by well-meaning others. Thank you for consistently treating trans people, whether patients or not, with complete respect and as equals, and for supporting us through a long and difficult campaign to achieve greater equality in law. Sadly many trans people are still having to struggle with humiliation, prejudice, hostility and inequality is in receiving medical care. These attitudes run through from institutional level right through to individuals. There are very few psychiatrists now practising whom their trans patients feel they can trust and feel they have their best interests at heart. You were - and are - top of the league. I am sure that amongst all the people you have treated there will be a few who are not satisfied, but I think they will be great exceptions, as I have never come across one despite knowing hundreds of trans people over the years. On the other hand as I am sure you know there are hundreds of ex-patients and others who will be forever grateful for your work. I don't know what the outcome of the case will be - like other contributors I am unsure how much faith we should put in the "system" that still systematically fails trans people, and to which you offered a challenge that may have caused discomfort. But regardless of the legal outcome, I hope you will continue to believe you did the right thing for your patients at the highest level - you did your very best to help them. With all good wishes - Alex Whinnom or

Sarah Jones said...

I just want to say that Dr Reid always treated me with respect and courtesy. He always was obviously well grounded in the theory and the real life issues which affect us.

He always listened - and he probed and investigated too. He remains a very positive memory of those times for me. In particular Dr Reid was a caring part of the process.

Many thanks, Dr Reid.

The Rev'd Sarah Jones,
Ross on Wye

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