Thursday, October 12, 2006

Standing shoulder to shoulder with Dr Russell Reid.




Dr. Russell Reid, who had long been a world renowned psychiatrist for transsexual people, experienced a several week trial by the General Medical Council during October 2006.

The message from the wider trans trans community was simple and there for all to see. In the eyes of many countless patients, he still holds the title as a world renowned psychiatrist whose warmth and compassion for real patient centred care of his patients, cannot be brow beaten by the clear jealous intent of professionals who have no other power than to simply follow the leader of the pack.

The Message is clear! Thanks for saving lives, Dr Reid..!!

Regardless of the GMC findings, the testimonies of hundreds, if not thousands of happy and satisfied transsexual people treated by Dr Reid is no feat to be beaten when compared to the testimonies of 5 unhappy people and Charing Cross Psychiatrists.

What if this were an orbituary..!!

There could only be one truly respected professional. The words of support say it all.

There are few places for the trans community and their allies to leave their messages of support and respect to Dr Russell Reid, and, there's never been more of a need for a place on the web for the GMC panel and Reid's opponents to see the evidence that he has saved the lives of many trans people, treated them with respect and left them with the dignity they deserve.

Having experienced his treatment, many trans people know all too well his methods to be humane, responsible and the best care possible.

What does 'Uncle' Russell say?

Dr. Reid says that he "will read messages whether good or bad", and adds that he "may not be able to respond, and if he "knows where to reply, such as via email," then he will! He also said that he was "grateful for the support given."

He says that all these messages has restored his faith in humanity. He keeps a folder of all comments posted, and from time to time, he reads them and this raises his spirits. The messages and positive feedback have meant so much.


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Tim Robertson said...

A couple of years ago, when no-one else wanted to know, Russell Reid prescribed hormones for someone I had yet to meet.

That "someone" was diagnosed gender-dysphoric by Dr Reid, and recommended for surgery. I met her for the first time some four weeks after surgery, and we have lived together ever since. We will marry as soon as she receives her Gender Recognition Certificate.

I don't know Doctor Reid. However, he gave me my bride, and with her my future happiness. For this I thank him from the bottom of my heart.

Christina Alley said...

Dear Doctor Reid,

I am so glad that the GMC has allowed you to continue practising. I will forever be grateful to you for the humane, respectful and professional way you treated me.

I hope you do not tire of hearing thanks. I know it has almost become a cliche to say this, but you saved my life. You helped me at the most desperate and vulnerable time in my life, gave me back my self-respect and your gentleness gave me hope.

I hope that the GMC hearing has not exacted a toll on your own health and well-being.

Thankyou Doctor Reid. Please resume your practise now that this wholly unnecesary hearing is over.

With thanks and respect,
Christina Alley

Melissa said...

Thank you Dr. Reid for your humane approach and ability to think outside of the box. Guidelines, restrictions, and fear of litigation here in the states nearly cost me my life.
A professional at EVMS and surgery following in Scottsdale took thirty years. With the help of my many friends in the UK who adore you I found the path.
Your supporters are worldwide!

Melissa Gale
Chesapeake, Virginia

Deena in Florida, USA said...

Physician-patient decisions on all forms of treatment should be sacrosanct. When an individual seeks medical help and a provider agrees to provide it or recommend it no other authority should have any role in that decision process or be allowed to sit in judgment.

Emma Martin said...

It's just crazy that the Jealousy of ChX so called experts has led them to bring the action that has culminated in the guilty verdict on Britain's greatest Gender Identity professional. Both in my profession as a clinical psychotherapist and as a past client of Dr. Reid I know that without his skill and caring manner there would have been more suicides of pre-op transsexual people. I could easily have been one of them! Having been wrongly diagnosed in 1973 by the NHS and then refused help in 1998, it was only thanks to Dr. Reid that I was able to make the transition that should have happened 25 years earlier. Since that time my life has changed out of all recognition. Thank you Russell for your integrity and faith in me.
The decision of the GMC is scandalous, and Green and Barrett bringing this action in the first place certainly shows their lack of caring for transsexual people.

Emma Martin (Cambridgeshire)

Anonymous said...


you won and the witchhunters failed. Thanks for helping us all


Rev, Wena D. Parry said...

Thank you very much Russel, you have been a great help to me in getting over my gender disphoriaq, I feel privileged to know you, and if there had been anything more I could have done to repay your kindness I would. If I cand do anything to help you in the future please ask.

Rev, Wena D. Parry

Stephenie Robinson said...

From Stephenie Robinson

I am amazed and appalled at the GMC ruling, to be sure it looks as though there decision making is way off beam and not impartial as I would have expected. We should be surpised if the GMC had been provided some gratuity for their decision making in the case of Dr Reid.

Dr, Russell reid has been the most polite and respectful psychiatrist I have ever met in my years of knowing him. If one was to compare with the service meeted out to pre operative patients at Charing Cross Gender Identity Clinic, Dr Reid wins hands up every time.

Having been a patient of both the Charing Cross GIC and Dr Reid, there is little to compare. Charing Cross Hospital GIC ridcule patients and generally give them a hard time, whereas Dr Reid was always respectful and understood that patients have to ultimately make decisions for themselves rather than the fight the system to get what they most desire.

In retorspect, if Dr Reid had been my psychiatrist at the beginning of my journey who would have better understood my situation and he would have listened , whereas the GIC would have templated me and lumped me in with every other patient seeking gender re-assignment.

What the GMC have done, is ruin a good man, a great doctor at the behest of those with axes to grind and wanting financial gain from the outcome, if the GMC cannot see it then they are more blind than anyone could have ever imagined.

Dr Reid has my total support, and all the GMC have succeeded in doing is pushing patients towards the centre, I am sure Charing Cross Hospital GIC and those patients out for Dr Reid's blood are rubbing their hands at the possible compensation they want to get, this ultimately not about justice, its all about the quick financial gain, regardless of what other patients are hurt in the process.

I am ashamed of the GMC and what they have done here!

Stephenie Robinson

Chrissy said...

Although i only saw Dr Reid twice before he handed over to Dr Curtiss, i found him to be the most approachable and thorogh member of the medical profession i have so far met.
His ability to put me at my ease and allow me to express myself in what I was anticipating as a particularly stressful situation proved typical of a man with a deep understanding of the issues involved with gender dysphoria.
I always felt that Dr Reid acted in my best medical interests, taking a full history of my circumstances, alowing me to express my own personal struggles and advising me on my options without pressurising me into any particular course of action. All this was reinforced by follow up letters to my GP, and not prescribing any hormonal medication until satisfied that I had received appropriate counselling and had discussed issues with my GP.
I am therefore frankly surprised and disgusted by the finding s of the GMC with regards to an eminent professional who as far as I am concerned always appeared to act in the best interests of his patients with care and compassion.
Thank you

Sophie-Jane said...

Whats the difference to self medication to Dr Reid Prescribing safe drugs

With Dr Reid prescribing, at least we have more of a chance, and not one GP got back to Dr Reid and said "Hey this will contradict other medicine/s"

Dr Reid is a Wondeful Man, he well deserved his Award from the "Uncle Russells Club" for service to the Trans Community.

He will be sadly missed, mostly by those who are still to tread the path, and that path was made so much easier by someone who truely cared about his Patients.

My TS life is now over, I have thankfully become the woman I knew I was, accepted into the society, far and wide as a Woman, and been told my behavior has drastically improved from prior to transition to Now.

The only thing I want now, is Dr Reid to be Cleared, and I will close the book on TS life forever.

Time now to spend with Family and to discover myself as my true self, which would not of been possible without "Uncle" Russ

Sophie-Jane Lyon-Stopford
Retired Manageress of "Uncle Russells Club"

Belinda Sutton said...

just like to say a big thankyou for all you help and sursport over the last few year.

wishing you all the best with things to come.

Belinda Sutton

yvonne phillips said...

I have never had the priviledge of meeting Dr Russel Reed,however I am told that he is a manof rare compassion, accepting Transsexuals like myself unconditionaly, I wonder if his accusers have done as much good as he.
I hope that the BMA rethink this matter.
Best Wishe,

Yonne Pillips

Stephanie Elizabeth Anne Butterfield said...

Dear Russell,

I was devastated when I received the news of the judgement, I started to cry, and immediately phoned my friend Yvonne for comfort. I cannot beleive how the GMC, were even allowed to bring this case in the first place.

How dare they say that you, the finest Gender Psychiatrist we've ever known, can only practise under supervision, what sheer cheek.

The General Medical Council and Charing Cross Hospital, seemed to present no evidence of what they claimed, no one can be pushed into transition. We know you tried to help these people, and yes I have sympathy for how they feel, but ultimately the blame lies with the individual, for not being honest with the specialists and of course themselves.

Whatever you do decide to do next, we in the transcommunity will always support you 100%

Since my last post in October, I have at last seen my Psychiatrist. I 'm now on the Gender re-assignment programme, I've been diagnosed, and today is day 93 of my HRT treatment, which apart from playing havoc with my emotions, has made me a very contented woman in transition.

I passed my ECDL, and I've been nominated for an acheivement award, at a ceremony at St James Park in Newcastle.

I now do voluntary work sitting on various committee meetings and focus discussion groups for Council and Housing company etc in my home town, this has broadened my horizons. It's shown me I can speak in front of strangers, have the confidence to raise new points of order.

I would like one day to stand as a councillor, and assist my town even further to understand Trans issues.

None of this would have been conceivable when I first contacted you in 2002, once I thank you.

My poem in your honour

Uncle Russell

Doctor Russell Reid,
He is the best.
There's only jealousy,
From all the rest.

He's saved the lives,
Of many transfolk.
Now happy as women,
No longer sad old blokes.

He is a man,
Who feels much empathy.
For the people he helped,
At whatever degree.

So to Uncle Russell,
We love you so.
Your shining light,
Shall forever glow.

Copyright by Miss Stephanie Elizabeth Anne Butterfield

copyright extended to Dr Russell Reid

Kate Phiz said...

I was not one of your patients but I have met many of them. In my personal experience not one of them, neither in public nor in private, has ever had anything but praise for you. That is amazing.

Kate Phiz

andrea said...

Russell Reid has shown so much dynamic understanding, to a community, that sometimes requires 110% attention.

good luck and take care

Andrea South Wales

Anonymous said...

Dr Reid sounds like a nice bloke, and I appreciate he's done good work for a number of people with gender identity disorder, but it is also clear he failed in his duty of care to some of his patients. These things happen.

I don't think his complaining patients have put enough responsibility on themselves for giving informed consent to have sex change surgery. They're adults. It's not like kids with intersex conditions who have surgery without their consent and find it impossible to sue for negligence.

I have a degree of sympathy for Dr Reid because he was doing his job and wanted to help people. The blokes that regret having their penises removed need to look at themselves and make a real assessment of who was to blame for their treatment. I know a number of them even go to the trouble of joining trans groups only to find out how to cheat the system and convince psychiatrists to approve surgeries. Dr Reid, in this case, is the victim.

Tanya Norwich said...

The GMC were wrong, and shows how stagnent they are in the field of treating transgender patients. Are other professionals treated like this over the cases of 5 patients? Of course they're not. How many NHS patients have complained in comparison. Judging by the comments from people forced to go through Charring Cross I guess that would make interesting reading. Russell has does nothing wrong. He is a geniune caring person and has made a lot of people very happy and given them the chance to make a life for themselves.
There is an large amount of personal responsibility that lies with the patient in this but in the blame culture we live in that has no doubt been over looked.
He has furthered the treatment of Transgendered people more than CX could ever dream of.
They were wrong, Russell you are right. I like many others would still be happy to see you.The human touch is by far the best.

Good luck and Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr Reid -

Well, it's already a cliche to say that you are a life-saver; but it's still the truth.

I only saw you a few times but at crucial times for me - and you supported me, helped me, understood me and helped me move on.

Thank-you Dr Reid, thank-you very much.

Torrwad said...

Surely i believe HBIGDA/WPATH standards of care SCO6th from 2001 is something important and need to be always considered.

But it was not established by a God, but by people that really most of time know not precisely the necessity of patients - and also most of time has not the tradition to respect the patients and to support them in a patient centered way.

We at Gendercare Gender Clinic, in Brazil, we follow HBIGDA/WPATH SOC6th most of time - but we agree with Dr.Reid - sometimes what the patient needs is not strictly considered - and not wisely considered - at the SOC6th.

For example, in my opinion, it is very difficult in my country to start 3 months of "real life experience" without starting a hormone therapy. And sometimes one year of real life experience is LIFE-THREATENING and a vety unwise prescription.

So, we support Dr.Reid - and we also are full members of HBIGDA/WPATH - and we will continue doing our work in Brazil folowing our conscience more than artificial authoritary rules - as we hope Dr.Reid will also do.

Gendercare Gender Clinic
OII-Organisation Intersex International Board member
SCTPLS member
NYAS member
SBRASH member

Sally Williams said...

As a doctor, and patient of Russell's I am in a priveledged position to comment. I have enjoyed the highest standards of care and compassion during my difficult years of self acceptence, transition, divorce and the rest. The fact that I have come through those years intact, strong, and extremely, overwhelmingly happy is a tribute to the qualities of this wonderful man. But I am just one, there are thousands with similar messsages of support. The medical profession is riddled with the self promotion of many, and the so called "case" against Russell has more to do with the jealousy and politics that drives some than the qualities of care that so many have experienced. Please try and keep strong Russell and try not let this flawed decision cloud your wonderful career and service.

alexandria said...

dr reid you are a credit to the gender identity profession

Anonymous said...

Only having had to see Dr Reid a small number of times was for me a tribute to the efficiency with which he dealt with me and my condition and helped me to get on with the rest of my life.
I always think it is ironic that because i have never needed to go back (after one post-op follow-up, which was optional in any case), he can never know just how much I have gone from strength to strength in my life. My contact with Dr Reid was a crucial linch-pin in my life, without which I would not be where I am today.
AW, Brighton

Teresa Fowler said...

Dear Dr Reid

The GMC's decision makes me feel sad to be British. The GMC's website is full of self-righteous humbug about how doctors should help their patients to make the decisions about their own treatment. Of course, that is exactly what you have been doing for many years - long before it even occurred to anybody at the GMC that it might be the right thing to do! The GMC's shameful decision means that psychiatrists at NHS GICs will continue making decisions for their patients, instead of helping them to make their own. The result will be that more and more people will choose to self-medicate.

I think the best thing WPATH/HBIGDA could do would be to abolish itself and its SOC. I do not believe there is any reason why HRT should not be used to help (MTF) patients self-diagnose their condition. You are the only psychiatrist I know who is honest enough to admit that it is impossible for them to diagnose "transsexualism". I am also happy to admit that I was not sure, either, until you showed me the way that made it possible for me to become certain.

I guess it would not have been a disaster for me if I had had to attend two interviews with you, before starting HRT, but I cannot see what purpose that would have served. For those who have to try to obtain their treatment from NHS GIC's, the time from tertiary referral to having one (let alone two) consultations often IS a disaster, sadly.

Russell (If I may be permitted to call you by your first name, now, since you are no longer practising), your name will be revered long after those who accused and judged you have been forgotten.

I wish you a long and happy retirement, which you have most certainly earned.

I was privileged to be your patient and I will be forever in your debt.

Teresa Fowler

holly_1948 said...

Within the judgement against Dr. Reid one finds the following text written by the GMC

"... Whilst you described your approach as patient-centred care, the Panel considers that this is a misinterpretation of this principle. In the Panel’s judgment, “patient-centred care” means putting the patient and their needs at the centre of the consultation. ... "

If the above is taken out of context (you can be sure it will be) as an official GMC dicta on the nature of "patient-centred care" it will do enormous damage to British people far beyond the reaches of the transsexual community.

For "putting the patient and their needs at the centre of the consultation. " is a near empty phrase that entirely misses the point. It suggests that care has always been patient-centred and no change is needed - when nothing could be further from the truth.

At a very minimum “patient-centred care” includes "involving the patient in therapeutic decisions and weighing patient views and desires in the balance". If further implies that patient-satisfaction is a major consideration.

It would be unthinkable in other fields to so lightly dismiss patient wants (and by implication patient satisfaction). A great deal of harm will be caused by this attempt by the GMC to undermine the policy of patient-centred care if this matter is allowed to go unchallenged. "Business as it used to be" may be what the GMC wants but it is not in the public interest.

Holly Black

Cathy Wilson said...

I am able to write this because of you Russell. I would be dead by now if it had been left to Charing Cross. I have never regretted seeing you or having treatment by you. I was happier after my Gender re-assignment than I had ever been, I still am 13 Years on. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. Cathy Wilson. Ex-IBM

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Reid,

I am currently undergoing RLT here in Canada and it has been a long, arduous road to find (let alone receive) knowledgeable treatment for GID.

I think it is very unfortunate that the GMC decided the way they did. The responsibility for HRT and/or SRS isn't and shouldn't rest entirely upon the shoulders of the physician - it should be a joint responsiblity shared between physician and patient. Given that there isn't any medical testing that definitively diagnoses GID, the only approach we have is the evaluation of patient history, which isn't clear-cut. Yes, mistakes can and will happen - but they are as much the fault of the patient too.

It took me over a year to find a medical professional to take me seriously. If it wasn't for quite a bit of good fortune in the form of an intervention by someone else in the trans community, I'd still be wandering around as my (wrong) birth gender, in despair of my existence.

Doctors who are as compassionate as you should be lauded, not chastised. I'm sorry that the GMC decided to do this to you but know that those of us who are trans are behind you 100%. All the best for your future.

Mrs. Petra Henderson said...

There are very few who have stood up for us who were not themselves TS and even went against the general opinions of their peers. Here are Three of the Best, and heros of their respective times...

Here my personal top three in chronological order.

Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld, 1868-1935

In 1910 he invented the term Transvestite to stop people being arrested for wearing the "wrong sex" clothes,

In 1915 he then invented the term Transsexual, to save a Transwoman being called up to the German Army and sent to the Front, then the Government had added a clause into their drafting rules, that being a Transvestite was not grounds for being declared unfit for service... By using a new term he got round the problem, and had they added that to their rules, would have coined a third!

He also determined that SRS was a better solution than Psychoterrorisum for TS and IS people. Between 1918 and 1933 he arranged with Dr Felix Abraham (Surgeon of the Dresdener Frauenklink, and Partner at the Berlin Institute of Sexology) for many people to have SRS for the so-called "Determined Transvestites" (who only wanted rid of their original sex organs), and "Homosexual Transvestites" (who wanted corrected anatomy for Sex with a person of their same birth sex...) Both uses of the term Transvestite are for those who we today would simply call TS)

The Nazis were his downfall. and the famous Burning of the Books in the Opera Square Berlin were his books on Transsexuals and library of research...

Dr. Harry Benjamin, 1885-1986

From his dealings with Magnus German born Harry Benjamin was converted to believe (not immediately) that TS are not mad and needing Electroshocks or lobotomies, but instead best helped with Hormones and SRS.

Harry Benjamin had to fight the Conservative American Church and Medical system (which is still ongoing)

Dr. Russell Reid

Russell Reid can hold his head up high and add his name to the above for his long term support for us against people with a personal anti-TS axe to grind, (be they Nazis or Conservative Medical and Religious disbelievers, or the self appointed sadistic perverts delaying sensible treatment while pretending to be experts, such as the Charing Cross four and sadly in acting on their behalf the Tribunal of the GMC... or in some cases a mixture of all the above) to be just another cobblestone in the long road to humanity.

Thank you Russell for all you have done for so many humans that others tried and continue to try to dehumanize.

Best Regards and thanks again from a British TS woman in Germany, Mrs Petra Henderson victim of the NHS system in 1980-87

Anonymous said...

Russell you have always been ahead of your time. Of all the psychiatrists I have dealt with over many years Russell you treated me with the highest level of respect, you knew how important it was for me to take control of my own life and to be my real self. You are also expert at clinical epidemiology. Your recommendations are certainly state-of-the-art wrt hormones and other aspects of care for people in transition.

You have in-print support from the recommendations contained Arlene Lev's book as well in my own book on transsexuality. What you are able to do better than anyone else is to humanise the strictures of the so-called Standards of Care so that your clients have control over their lives. We all know how important that is to our self-esteem and well-being.

Russell, I wish you all the best. You have thousands of supporters and grateful friends throughout the world.

Many thanks

(Conjoint Professor) Rachel Heath (Newcastle, Australia)

JG, Wales (New York) said...

I am a f-t-m transexual living abroad and a member of the UK Press For Change database receiving regular email newletters from them. They have kept me updated on the case against you.

Whilst I did not have a terribly difficult time transitioning, the delay between my first appointment at Charing Cross and the start of hormone treatment and subsequent surgery was rather trying. My only regret is in NOT having had YOU as my doctor.

Whilst the complainants in the case may feel that they were 'rushed', I think I speak for most transexuals when I say that we WISHED we could have been 'rushed'.

I sincerely wish you the very best.

Anonymous said...

I want to voice my support to Dr Reid . Progression for the treatment of trans people is needed, and it is courageous people like Dr Reid who allow this to happen. I hope that the outcome of this case doesn't hamper the caring and compassionate treatment of trans people there in Britain.

Jaimie -New Zealand

Anonymous said...

I came to Russell Reid at least ten years late, after being scorned by several National Health Service employees in their various professional roles. To its credit, the NHS was supportive once the wheels to my treatment had been put in motion by Mr Reid.

As a dear friend has said, being a transsexual is not a bunch of roses. There isn't a day post-op when I don't regret being this way, for myself and my family. But the short facts are these: before the help I received from Mr Reid I had endured 10 years of low self-esteem followed by 10 years looking at the end of the bottle. Ten years post receiving treatment, I hold 3 quality degrees, have an intellectually demanding job, and a very stable (if not particularly joyous) life. Suicide was never an option, but self-destruction was. Thanks to Mr Reid, neither option is now relevant.

In the face of the awful afflictions suffered by many, it seems trite to speak of the pain of being TS, but terrible pain it was. Perhaps we should now witch-hunt those consultants who have done so much harm by (in many cases, disdainfully) ignoring the suffering and ruined lives this condition brings.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Russel you will always have my deepest gratitude for the help and understanding that you showed me in my time as one of your patients.With your fantastic help i was able to gain the confidence etc to take my rightful place in life as the woman i had always felt that i was and needed to be,so much so that i went on to become a very successful stewardess on the very busy cross channel ferries at Dover ( not an easy place to work in my new chosen lifes role and that really says it all )but thanks to your great help everthing went so well with very very few problems as it still is even now.So i take heart in the hope that soon you can put all of these problems behind you and your great life can continue in the way you so richly deserve.You will remain forever in my thoughts as a true caring professional.My BEST WISHES Julie Ann Willis (RAMSGATE KENT)( )

Anonymous said...

Dr. Reid,

I cannot tell you how unfair and wrong I feel the judgment against you was. You have provided an invaluable service to the transgender community for many years. You have helped repair people's lives and make them whole again. You have come forward to give care to a group of people that so many others have brushed aside and left hurting in silence.

I cannot thank you enough for your dedication and compassion.

Sincerely, Willa

Alex Whinnom said...

Very happy to continue to stand with Russell, and very disappointed - although not especially surprised, given the efforts of the "prosecution" - by the decision of the GMC.

I would be very interested to know how the satisfaction ratings of patients treated by Dr. Reid compared with those of other similar practioners. I expect an independent study would produce some very interesting results and I would like to see one commissioned.

Consider also that Dr. Reid would tend to be consulted by those people who have already been refused help, humiliated and/or asked to jump through unreasonable hoops by other professionals, so that his patients are, on average, the most desperate and the least easy to treat. And yet hundreds of them leave messages of support on this site? I should think he must have far and away the highest success rate of any trassexual specialist.

We know the reason for this and for the continuing support of his patients is that his approach is uniquely patient-centred. Of course he will have made some mistakes. He has been dealing with people in crisis who may attempt suicide if refused help, or remove themselves from medical supervision to self-treat. In that context there is no alternative but to take risks - when the consequences of refusing or delaying treatment are potentially so appalling, it may be more risky *not* to treat someone.

I am sorry for the minority who are unhappy, but they all consented to treatment and were given it in good faith. And they are a tiny, tiny number. You can be sure that with all the publicity around this case, the encouragement from other professionals to come forward and the chance of obtaining some "compensation", any other unhappy people would have come forward by now. So there are only five. Over how many years? How many people?

I think the GMC verdict is a travesty, but actually it is also an irrelevance. The facts speak for themselves.

Beverley Dodd said...

Just to leave a message wishing Dr Reid all the very best in the future from myself and my beloved partner. My partner thinks the world of you since first meeting you in the late 80s. She had served eight years in the Life Guards (from the age of 18) and was to spend four wonderful years as a successful show girl in Paris and London.

She would never have had the confidence to be herself if it wasn't for your compassion, professionalism, understanding, respect and expertise.

Her experiences with CX were completely the reverse.

All the very best for the future. I know you are a very strong person and with all these positive messages, you may wish to perhaps reconsider returning to the community which you have done so much to help over the years.

This GMC hearing showed that the trans community still faces ignorance, bigotry, misunderstanding and a lot of politics amongst your medical peers and the NHS.

I'm sure you more than deserve a happy early retirement but the approach and patient focused standards of care which you pioneered in the UK clearly still remain an anathema to most practitioners and gatekeepers in the field. It would be great to see you working with organisations like Press for Change in the future to see a real positive shake up in the standards of care and treatment trans people receive in the UK.

All the very best,

Beverley Dodd and Angela Cole (Birmingham, West Mids)

micchelle Kernick said...

hi Russell up until you retired I was a client of yours at our last consultation you refered me for my GRS but we also discused my wanting to become a gender counsellor you were very supportive of this and believed in my ability to do so.I am now half way through my counselling diploma and want to thank you for your support.I can now look at your work with a professional eye and do see you may have made mistakes in your treatment of some of your clients but believe in reality this can not be avoided has people can be very convincing about what their needs are.In our last meeting you showed me how many clients you have treated the numbers alone would show that mistakes where inevitable.If we looked at this amount of clients who have had NHS treatment. I believe we would also see as many people who have changed their minds after treatment. This is inevitable as we all overstate our need for change to try and prove our gender dysforia because we are all scared of being turned away which would be a far worse situation.
My surgery is on the 9 July and feel without you this would not have happened and I may not even be here without your support.I wish you all the best for the future and hope you will not stop fighting for the rights of people like me.
Lots of love
Michelle Kernick

Zoe Brain said...

Dear Dr Reid,

Although I'm a UK citizen, I reside in Australia. I'm immensely glad that I haven't had to endure Charing Crucifiction by some of those who have so doggedly hounded you.

I've heard terrible tales, tales that usually ended in tragedy.
But not from your patients. You have consistently treated them as Human Beings. Alas, that makes you exceptional.

Just know that you have saved lives. It saddens me to say that your accusers have taken them.

Had I been in the UK, not Australia, I would have moved Heaven and Earth to get the most professional and competent help I could. That means you, Dr Reid.

All the best, Zoe (GAS Suporn Nov 06)

Amanda W said...

I just read the comment about calling you uncle Russell and smiled stupidly to myself. I hope that you can enjoy your retirement with your reputation totally in tact. They should be giving you a medal for services to trans-people.


Anonymous said...

I for one never met Dr Reid, yet have heard many wonderful stories about him. I transition a few years ago, through the GIC at Leeds where they prescribe me hormones on my first visit. It seems to me they have one rule for the NHS GIC and those professionals, like Mr Reid.
I feel those Dr`s who have had this witch hunt against Mr Reid should hang their heads in shame.

Shira said...

I am appalled that Dr Reid is being put through this; all the trans women I know who have seen him speak about him with gratitude and affection for saving their lives. I was the partner of one of his patients while she was transitioning, and the care she got from him was excellent. I went with my ex to her appointments with Dr Reid and spoke with friends about their treatment under him, and he always acted in the very best interests of each patient; he used common sense and compassion, and prioritised the well-being of his patients above all other things, unlike so many doctors. I don't at all understand the so-called logic of the bigots who are conducting this witch-hunt, and I hope the outcome is as good as it possibly can be for this amazing man who has done so much to help countless transexuals. I'll be pointing my ex towards this post, I know she has nothing but praise for Dr Reid.

Darren (Marie) Heysham, Morecambe, Lancashire. (or Lake District as I was then - Newby Bridge) said...

Well, having read through the comments, I feel that there is something missing, and that is the comments of the people who have visited Russell Reid and decided not to transition, probably for a variety of reasons.

It is understandable why so many people who have sought advice and subsequently gone down a different road would not want necessarily to ‘get invloved’ with the case, or offer support, but I do regret not being more vocal previous to the case being heard, and if I can be of assistance at all now I will be.

Dr Reid, I visited you in 2003, after having always felt female inside. I had battled against these feelings all of my life, married and divorced twice due to them, and was then feeling so terribly depressed and without hope.

I had tentatively attempted to contact you some years earlier, and should have, but didn’t.

When I realised that I had to face my ‘problems’ or issues head on after my second divorce, I went to see my GP, who was not sympathetic, made me feel like a pervert and referred me to a counsellor for sexual problems!

That really said it all for me, they just didn’t understand, and I finally plucked up the courage to cantact you direct.

I was frightened, scared of telling anyone how I felt about myself, daunted by what was instore and yet felt the beginnings of a sense of relief and calm.

I had told my employer, and he was extremely supportive, and he even paid for my train fair to London.

Well, the day came and my train got delayed and I had to change at Milton Keynes and I arrived late and you had gone for lunch and as I sat there waiting I felt so nervous that Inearly walked out and left, but stopped myself as I knew that running away would be the worst thing that I could do.

When my time came to see you I was terrified, especially after my trip to the GP. I thought that you would castigate me, tell me I was a fool or a pervert and generally make me feel humiliated and small, but you were wonderful.

You, and you are the only person except for my employer, understood me completely. You seemed to know exactly how I felt, and gave me the chance to be the person I am.

You prescribed ovysmen, followed by androcur, and at the end of an emotionally draining consultation I came away from your surgery feeling my life was complete.

After almost completing the course of ovysmen, and really coming out to friends and family, and there is much, much more to this that I will not go into here, I abruptly stopped.

I have many, many reasons and still feel the way I always have, but could not continue. I wanted to so very much, but just couldn’t.

You did say during our initial consultation that for some people the taking of hormones was the ‘decider’ or real test, and I hung on to this really, but still to this day am not sure this was the entirely the correct decision.

My problems lay mainly I feel in my maternal / paternal instincts. I have 2 children and desperately wanted more.

Equally important was the effect my transition would have on my 2 children.

For me personally though it would have been the right decision to continue, and I maybe feel that having lived my life for the most part being viewed as a male, it was my duty to others to continue.

So much I have not yet worked out and you read of people all the time who have been or are in a similar situation and as they get older, the feelings get stronger until they can no longer continue living a lie, and maybe I am one of these people, but I think that the more time passes me by, the less likely I am to transition, having ‘missed the boat’ so to speak.

It is my regret that I did not contact you and discuss my feelings with you at the time, and it is my shame that I have not contacted you sooner to offer my assistance to you.

I do hope that you understand.

I met a wonderful girl, very open and understanding, who knows quite a lot about what I have been thorugh and how I feel, although perhaps does not fully understand the depth of feeling, and it will be difficult for me to potentially ‘step into the limelight’ if required, but I owe you this at least.

For a long time afterwards, I felt completely at ease with myself. Actually, whilst taking the hormones, I never felt more at ease ever in my life, or since come to that.

I don’t know why, which confuses me. Is it a chemical thing?

My ‘ease’ has gradually subsided and I feel continually stressed about one thing or another, but also feel trapped, in that I can’t envisage going down the same road again, as I think the conclusion may be the same as before.

Anyway, I am not here for counselling, but to offer my support to you, in any way that you may find useful, whether it be personal fulfilment or professional consolidation.

Thank you Dr Reid for your help and understanding. Like so many, I do not know where I would be without your care, even though the outcome for me has been so very different from the that of many of the people who have kindly contributed to the comments / discussion and messages of support.

I wish you all the very best and hope that you will feel uplifted by my comments and trust that you will gain much comfort from the help and support that you gave me.

Darren (Marie) Heysham, Morecambe, Lancashire. (or Lake District as I was then - Newby Bridge)

Stephanie Butterfield said...

I've just heard that you have retired, well Russell you are the shining light of our world.

The gender re-assignment programme is going to be worse off without it's finest exponent of patient centred care for transsexuals. And transition will be made that much harsher and more difficult to overcome with your kind methods no longer available to future transpersons, We'll all miss you.

Can I please sign off by mentioning my petition to the prime Minister's web site to end the postcode lottery in the provision of healthcare for transsexuals.

The url is

The fight goes on dear Russell, and I assure you, You'll be remembered by the trans community for all the good you did.

Yours Stephanie Elizabeth Anne Butterfield

Karen Orton said...

Dear Dr Reid,

I was not surprised by the GMC judgement. What might surprise many is to know that the NHS doesn't adhere to the Harry Benjamin guidelines either.

But where you broke the rules out of compassion, I believe the NHS breaks them for reasons of cost. Which is worse?

I'm afraid gender treatment, in the UK at least, is 10% medicine and 90% politics.

It shouldn't be that way, but until budgets are raised in proportion to the need its a situation that will continue to prevail.

I would like to wish you a happy retirement and to thank you,

Lee Ireland said...

Dear Dr.Russell Reid,
Only recently, did i become aware of your retirement,along with the appalling way in which you were treated!
If not for yourself, i wouldn`t be around now, let alone the happy man i am today.
Although, as a result of travels abroad, my appointments were few and far between.
Your professionalism and sympathetic approach was without a doubt,a revelation to us all and a dedication beyond the call of duty!
Your presence will be surely missed, many thanks for your help and support during the years.
All the best for the future,

Rebecca B said...

Dear Russell.

You first saw me around 12 years ago and like many others I am sure that at that time, you saved my life .I am forever grateful for that and you are for one of the people that I push myself day in day out to better myself and to be an example for Trans people in the UK.
One thing you said to me in our first meeting was that I must prove / be better in female role than male and that has stuck with me forever.
Now 12 years later and post op only this last year , I am very happy in life and in a 10 year relationshp with my loving husband ,I have my own business and lots more.
My parents our proud of me and this is something that ONLY this big step in life could of given me from my dark sad past, now the NHS told me I was just a little confused back 12 years ago and you told me from moment one , " that I was Rebecca " . Thank you so much for being correct when the rest of the world was wrong , and now they know that they were wrong too.

I can only hope that one day the Medical council will understand that they have been very wrong too in their comments recently , Russell stand tall and smile with pride what you have given to so many people , I hope that to you is more important .

I can only imagine ,there are only a few people who mock your work and they like ,in every walk of life are better left to sort things out themselves.

With much love and Thanks.

Rebecca B ( Bristol/Weston Super Mare and Wiltshire ) xx

Adam, Barnstaple said...

I very fortunate to have met Dr. Reid in August 2005. I'd never liked talking to people at that point, but... he was the most relaxing person to be around! I felt totally at ease from the moment I stepped into the clinic. Both he and his staff were so pleasant, it made things a whole lot easier to deal with.

Thank you very much, Dr. Reid, for the professional and caring attitude you showed; and I wish you the very best of luck for the future.

Anonymous said...

Gross misconduct and yet not struck off. I can't believe it!
I hope the private prosecutions succeed

Anonymous said...

Yes you helped to change my Life - for the worse... and it will be with me till the end of my days, thanks a million.
I still can't believe you got away with it - gross misconduct and not struck off. Unbelievable.

And of course you won't put this on the blog.

Stephanie Butterfield said...

Anonymous, You are it seems quite bitter towards the wonderful Dr Russell Reid.

You do not expand on why this is the case, but in 2002, soon after my father died, I had the money to transition privately, and sought out Dr Reid's help.

After a lengthy conversation on the phone, he said I was not ready for transition, that I had to get my head sorted out first, and seek bereavement counselling and come back when I was ready.

I wanted to spend my cash every single penny of it, but Russell did not want it. If he was the money grabbing person only a handful of patients have said he was, then he would have taken every penny I had, but he didn't.

Why?....Because he always put his patients at the centre of his care, put their needs first.

I can only say to you, that I hope you find peace, but feeling bitter towards Russell is not going to help.

Ayone who transitioned with Dr Russell Reid did so because they wanted it, those people who brought the private prosecution could have pulled out of the programme at anytime, but chose not to.

It was their choice to transition, no one else's, and therefore not the psychiatrists fault if they then later feel it was a mistake.

Yours Stephanie Butterfield

ps I wish Russell Reid was still practising, as many more would transition happily.

Anonymous said...

I first saw Dr Reid in 2004, having been refered by my local mental health trust as a genuine person with genderdysphoria. I had at that time been waiting six months for an appointment with Charring Cross Gender Identity Clinic. I found Dr Reid to be very proffessional. And he and myself followed the Harry Benjamin Guildines. I have gone from strength to strength since I had Dr Reids Expert guidance and support. I am now a leading trade unionist within the largest employer in Europe. Representing over 40.000 employee's. I am having my gender reassigment surgery next month in Thailand.

I still have not been seen by an NHS service dispite representation from my local PCT four years later. Like many of us I have been failed by the NHS, and without Dr Reid. I truly beleive I would have taken my own life.

Thankyou from the bottom of my heart Uncle Russel.

Lynn Brittain x x

sw2008 said...
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Tanith said...

Dr Russell Reid treated me with professionalism, dignity and sympathy and brought to my case wealth of experience.
He made himself freely available at every stage of treatment and answered all my questions thoughtfully and wisely adising me of all the problems I would have to face. My own GP. who had referred me to Dr Reid was kept fully informed.
I can only be grateful to so dedicated a man.

Thanks to his skill and work I have now lived a normal and happy life for many years.

Kate Middleton said...

In 2007, I finally went to the police and complained about my treatment by Dr Deenesh Khoosal in November/ December 1982 when I was at Radley College Abingdon Oxon.

it had become transparently obvious that Paula Rowe or 'patient b', who had been seeking publicity for years and claiming that she had regretted her transition, was lying in her evidence against Dr Reid.

I knew this person from January 1987 onwards in Falmouth Cornwall and during the entire period of her transition and some time afterwards.

The trial brought back terrible traumatic memories of abuse by doctors starting with Dr Khoosal.

At the GMC I discovered that Rowe had been caught out lying all over the place and had actually applied for a gender recognition certificate. The fact that someone who had been telling stories to David Batty about how she is 'really a man' could be used as a witness against Reid is beyond me.

It has not been publicly recognised that the GMC verdict states that she had not been harmed by Reid.

My complaints against Khoosal to the police and the GMC include sexual assault, bullying, dishonesty, fraudulently pretending to be a specialist when he was actually a registrar and lying to everyone about my motivations and mental state after I had finally attempted to kill myself because of him.

Khoosal was arrested on September
4th by Sargeant Angie Murray of Oxford police and interviewed. He told the police that he wanted to look at my body and found it in his handwritten notes. I had not had access to these when I made my CID Statement about him.

Nicola Forshaw at the GMC has just ignored the grounds of a carefully constructed complaint for the second time and stated that they have decided to apply a five year rule in spite of the fact that I was refused access to my medical records until 2004.

It is outrageous that Reid was found guilty on charges going back to 1983 and a different rule applies to me.

I made my complaint as a public service because the Reid trial has been used as an argument against people getting proper treatment. Quite apart from the fact that I was told I would never recover in 1983 I have had no constructive assistance over the incident since.

Dr Reid saved my life in January 1988 and again in 1991. Why the double standard?

I have a blog here:

Anonymous said...


Well, I see the GMC has circled around you. Well, at this rate all the good doctors are going to fall foul of them. I am no longer on the Register - non payment of subs. I have a judgment where the Harris HHJ called the GMC a " totalitarian regime".

I have fought the GMC hard for probably a decade. There needs to be a proper group to challenge the GMC and to ensure it is fit to serve patients as well as doctors. All doctors served badly by the GMC tend to migrate in their own lives. There are a few of us still going on the internet.

Please do visit us on

And Consultant Psychiatrist Helen Bright who has been severely mistreated by them -

I note your judgment - clearly the panel understood nothing.


Dr Rita Pal

Tanith said...

Reading the GMC's papers gives me the impression that the Council was more concerned about paper than people.Also that it neglected to ake into account that the patient (or client) has some responsibiity for his or her own treatment and decisions about that treatment.

I had lead a fairly tortuous life until my GP referred me to Dr Russell Reid. His attitude was one that gave great hope and support; his reporting to my GP and requests for reports from him was meticulous as were his own records of every interview I had with him. He complied with the guidelines for treatment and referal for surgery.

Since his work and support I have led a happy and stable life.

Russell is a pioneer in his field and pioneers have to take a few risks....may of us are grateful for his risky and pioneering work and his caring approach to all aspects of it.


2E0AXA said...

Going to make myself late for work but if there is anything I can say to help i am willing to stand up and be counted as someone who has had a better life after SRS 21 years of my life have been fantastic. I now love life and live it to the full.
Thank you

Suzanne said...

I was a patient of Dr. Reid's for alcoholism in 1989. He was instrumental in helping me achieve the sobriety which continues today. To this day, I credit his kindness, emphathy, and astute observations in my recovery.

Shantal Joy said...

Ten years on I don't think of myself as TS. Just happy and loved as me. You helped me survive and be fulfilled when no one else was listening.

I hope you don't resume your practise tho old friend! You should be enjoying life now, as we do.

Anonymous said...

i can only wish that i will get your help.
ive read whats happened to you and its obvious its an internal politically motivated attack in order to discredit you.
your a true champion of trans people
x said...

Dr Russell Reid is not Dead nor is his work. But it will be unless people start standing up for what is Right. Dr Reid tried to help people who Need help and was crucified for it. For all those who leaving messages here who had the good fortune of being treated by the honer able Doctor Russell Reid and are living as there NORMAL gender,Don't let his good work go to waste. Spread the word to stand up for change against Charring Cross G.I.D. James Barrett BSc.MSc Is a Rude Arrogant man with a Power complex This is not just my opinion but Fact by Research. I had the misfortune to meet or rather be Interrogated by him some 10 years ago. He and he alone say's who will and who will not have the operation on the N.H.S. Obviously the people he chooses have nothing but Praise for the Clinic otherwise it would have been closed down. This keeps the media and the N.H.S. happy. Transsexuals are Born NOT made. James Barrett Plays God with Gender Dysphoria But can not deal with Transsexuals.I have tried in vain to find out how many Human Beings have been discharged and refused urgent operations by His clinic and have had to resort to finding money by any means to go overseas,or self-harming.These Numbers exist but are protected by the clandestine clinic and the Mental health act. Changes have to be made if we want/need another Dr Reid.How many people on this postings are Mentally Ill or are suffering from Gender Dysphoria?? I for one am not I am not confused by my Gender ( my teenage son is )I have brought him up as his adopted mother. I have something that most mothers don't have and it needs to be Medically operated on. As far as I know James Barrett is not a Doctor or Surgeon so how can he have blocked a urgent Medical procedure. There are many Honourably, Professionally decent people with common sense out there that could step into Dr Reids shoe's but who can blame them for not wanting a short end to there C arrears and being thrown to the wolves. There can be no change while James Barrett remains self-appointed guardian to the Status quo.P.S I wish you all the very best Dr Reid.

Anonymous said...

in 1995 you help a suicidal wreck. You were there for me. Now I am married to my smashing husband and my step children, I actually want to be alive. You probably wont remember me as you helped so many. Thank you so much x

Anonymous said...

August 2012

I've no idea how this worked out. But I'm eight years on, and I have Dr Russel Reid to thank for every minute of my wonderful life.

To anyone who has not suffered a gender identity problem, I won't say 'disorder', because it's not, it may be hard to understand the comments left here.

To those people I would say imagine you had cancer, and then not only did you find out you could be cured, but when you were, you would also win the lottery. Resolution to a serious gender disorder is something like this.

The NHS uses a defensive approach to gender disorder, and perhaps it needs to, to weed out those who simply dislike or are uncomfortable with their gender role, or their sexuality. But for those of us with genuine gender dysphoria, this is a nightmare, and Dr Reid used his empathy and judgement to do his weeding out for him, and in the process, gave many a life worth living.

It is with great regret that cannot put my name to this note. Such is the lack of understanding of gender in the human species that to do so would endanger my career.

One day, there will be more understanding, understanding that gender is not polarised, is not 'male' or 'female', but is characterised by many things. Our DNA gender marker XX etc, marks the gross gender of the body, while an as yet unknown DNA sequence will determine the gross gender of the mind. Various DNA deviations and life's conditioning will add various other flavours.

Without such variations, human beings could not have evolved into the glorious sentient species they now are. We thrive by difference, not by consistency.

I, for instance, was brought up with 'go get' male conditioning and practicality. I'm now a senior engineer, and by hell, do we need female engineers now as WMD and global warming threaten our tinpot tyrannies of countries and states. We need a different and co-operative energy to fight something bigger than the neighbouring tribe!!

Thank you, Dr Reid.

Barbara Roberts said...

Dr Russel Reid, I hope you read this I finally had my Surgery In Feb 2012 of this year In Thailand, & It Is all thanks to you as you helped no end through my Transition I will never forget you The kindness & understanding that you had for me & many others who were truly Transsexual. & not the Idiots that got you struck off. Best wishes for the Future. Barbara Ann Roberts. ( the Lad

Barbara Roberts said...

Dear Dr Rusell Reid , I hope you get to read this I finally had my Surgery In Thailand In Feb 2012 If It was not for you my life would still be a mess I am most grateful for all the Help & Kindness & compassion you should me through my Transition I will never forget you & I know all the other truly Transsexual people feel the same. & not the Idiots who got you struck. I would willingly stand up to get you reinstated any time. Best regards for the Future. Barbara Ann Roberts ( The lady who had the Chocolate Factory )

Becky Esplin said...

i made a complaint to pals regarding GIC... professionals who study hard and qualify to being in position of trust is not taken lightly.
The standards of care (soc) undermine the patients ability to express the pain and give the doctors the ability to Holm in on the issues....
Instead ... the doctor prods and pokes at you ....Raising issues that have abated and raise them up to inflict UN necessary suffering which is inflicted.
a doctor may successfully treat 1000 patients and loose 5 as collateral damage is still not acceptable in my opinion.
I don't lay the blame the doctor... i blame the department for letting the doctor down on HIS support and back up.
re en-state the doctor and support him supporting the world.

Anonymous said...

I've only just seen this blog.

I was treated by Dr Reid in the late 80's and transitioned in 1991, I have since had a happy and productive life, which I wouldn't have had had I not transitioned.

So as far as I'm concerned Dr Reids assessment was correct.

I always found him to be professional, courteous, kind and caring.

He may not have been the most orthodox according to medical panels who seem to only wish to obstruct gender dysphoric people from transitioning, but his results speak for themselves.

I know several people who were treated by Dr Reid, I don't know of one who has regretted their transition.

I wish him well in his retirement, and I thank him for this gift of a wonderful life he gave me.

Karen C

Anonymous said...

Dr Reid saw me and initiated my treatment in 1995. Since then I have been lucky enough to lead a happy and well adjusted life.

Without Dr Reid and his support I would not be the happy person I am today.

Zo√ęB said...

I remember you not just giving me the hormones I needed, but even visiting me in hospital. I feel so grateful for what you did, and really regret not telling you so when you visited. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

when I first met DR Reid. He treated me with respect and listened to me. after years of no treatment on NHS he got me on the path to changing my life. I thank him for that. I may not have done more then 1year RLT, but evidence suggested actually any more without treatment is damaging. In a way he saved me. Without him, the non nhs treatment, i would probably have broken. years later. all good. love anna

Samantha said...

Dear Dr. Russell Reid, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you wholeheartedly for the professional care you gave me while I was a patient of yours.

This has had an impact far beyond the hourly or half hourly visits, and as a young 22 year old back in 1996 I had never been to London before, and it was an experience in itself, booking a return train journey, using the 'Tube' and finding my way to the 'London Institute' - knocking on the door upstairs by mistake - all happy memories for me now as a 39 year old.

You were my 'light at the end of the tunnel' so to speak, as I had been through a most dreadful experience with a Newcastle-upon-Tyne NHS establishment.

You gave my life stability which was in turmoil after I so desperately begged whilst on my knees, on the floor holding his hand, (Dr.D) tears streaming as I pulled clumps of hair from my temples, I begged of him 'my family has hereditary hair loss, if you wont prescribe feminising hormones, will you Please give me something to stop this' to which he replied 'there are many quality wigs available' whilst pushing me aside then looking over his half frame glasses said 'have you finished now?'

There is an old saying - 'You don't know how strong you are until being strong is the only thing you have left'

So I managed to find full time employment, which enabled me to visit you. You spoke with me, not at me, you were pleasant, not dismissive. you gave me one treatment at a time to make sure I had no adverse effects, then on subsequent visits prescribed additional medication/s as needed.

I am not a medical professional but I can see why this was the correct way to do things, as if I had been prescribed a multitude of differing medications at the same time and suffered an adverse effect, how was one to know which of them was the root cause?

Some years later I ended up going 'off the rails' and your professional opinion as to my actions was sought.
Without your input on the matter and the statistics at that time for TS's in a situation I could have possibly ended up in, I feel that I may not be sat here writing this note of gratitude, and of thanks, to you being a part of my life's history.

Russell Reid, I will always have a special place in my heart for you, as you have been more than a Doctor to me.
You helped me become who I am today and for that I am eternally grateful.

I sincerely hope you enjoy your retirement to the full and live a long and happy life.

God bless you,

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